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So at best it would force a court battle to clearly interpret the fourteenth amendment's. And to me that's at best at worst waste a lot of time and money. Those that are trying to interpret it for just like the same ones that are trying to interpret the second amendment that don't understand the right of the people keep us exactly same ones, you're saying. Well, they didn't have all these weapons in mind when they wrote that. Let's see here. Kev, Kev is writing via social media Lee. Although the constitution of seventeen eighty mentioned citizens. It did not define citizenship. It was an eighteen sixty eight the definition of citizenship entered the constitution with the ratification of the fourteenth amendment familiar language. And then they give the amendment which you've already been over. Indeed during the bait over the amendment. Senator Jacob power, the author of the citizenship clause attempted to assure skeptical colleagues of the language was not intended to make Indian citizens of the United States Indians. He conceded. We're born within the nation's geographical, but he steadfastly maintained that they were not subject to the jurisdiction because they own allegiance to the tribes and not to the US jurisdiction. Understood this as allegiance Senator Howard explained excludes not only Indians but persons born in the United States who are foreign foreigners aliens who belong to the families of ambassadors. Or foreign ministers, thus subject to the jurisdiction does not simply mean as it calmly is commonly thought today subject to American laws or courts, it means owing exclusive political allegiance to the US. So this is from Kev using your interpretation. I would say that. Okay. Yeah. If you are in if you come into the United States illegally, you can't just plop a baby. And then say he's a citizen or she is a citizen therefore, I deserve citizenship. Pretty clear mountain man's on. Newsradio went down some KT. Okay. Hi. You know, also though that Paul. That was written up in the.

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