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And instagram's the new service dila newscasts aboard the eleven thousand eight hundred twenty one mic differ. Health experts are pressing. Colorado's governor jared polis to distributed kobe vaccines to denver's homeless population. Who have no other option. But to shelter in large group settings. Danika lee is deputy director of denver's kobe response team. She says the risk of exposure for staff and clients at shelters is extremely high and people experiencing homelessness are at much greater risk of sickness and death. We know that we have disproportionate rates of african americans and latin x people including people as well with come abilities and so being able to reach. This group of people is a priority for the city and county of denver because people without homes cannot self isolate and travel across the city for services leary's worries outbreaks. It's shelters could quickly spread and overwhelm. Local hospitals police told reporters this week. That people sixty five and older experiencing homelessness can receive vaccines but said shots in younger arms would cost lives. I'm eric gladys advocates say getting all shelter residents and staff vaccinated at the same time would be more efficient and require fewer trips now. These bullet points from cnbc regarding day. Two of trump impeachment trial to house impeachment managers arguing that for president. Donald trump excited insurrection against the government used graphic video and audio of the january six. Us capitol riot to recreate the events. Security footage shows former vice president. Mike pence senate majority leader. Chuck schumer and senator mitt romney of utah among others rushing away from the mob. He prosecutors from the house or making arguments to jurors who lived through the very attack and the fight against food apartheid in california to boost this week. At the los angeles county board of supervisors voted to create a food justice roundtable to explore ways to reduce hunger and make healthy food more accessible one program doing just that is called market match which gives people who qualify for food assistance programs such as cal. Fresh pandemic e-bt or wick an extra ten dollars to spend at farmers markets by letty of alaska's dns worse with sustainable economic enterprises known as c. La which runs multiple farmers markets. She says poverty worsened by the pandemic has driven a lot more customers to use market match. There have been line of people wrapped around the block at some markets to get the incentive whereas before it used to be just like a free steady flow of traffic. I'm suzanne potter. According to the la food policy council low income communities of color have two to three times fewer options for healthy food compared to more affluent areas this is pms indiana's vaccine rollout rapidly evolving and advocacy. Groups are working to make sure people want the vaccine know how to get it. Indiana is following the cdc's guidance for vaccine distribution by vaccinating residents tiered priority groups. Addison pollack with aarp. Indiana says that now includes health care providers frontline essential workers and people aged sixty five plus. We're lucky because some of our most vulnerable members of our society are getting the vaccine first. Aarp indiana volunteer marla. Pollock kramer is on a small team. That's calling older adults to make sure they have the information. They need about the vaccine. Some people are not comfortable with it and that's fine. We're not here to push them. Overwhelming majority are really eager to get the vaccine appointments. Local health departments can be made by calling two one one or online at corona virus dot dot g-o-v e. mary sherman reporting meantime eric. Tate off explains montana's will have another chance to find low cost health insurance as starts monday through executive order. President joe biden has reopened enrollment in the affordable care act marketplace. Jeremy smith is the program director for montana navigator a nonprofit that assists in healthcare enrollment says people who have been laid off likely have lost their employees based healthcare as well a lot of the people that have lost their jobs. They may have never have had to shop for health insurance before they may not be very familiar about. Healthcare dot gov were the health insurance plans on the marketplace so they may have missed the first open enrollment period. Smith says last year about four and five applicants qualified for financial help and more than three and five got a plan for less than fifty dollars per month. Finally diane bernard tells us while for president. Trump's impeachment trial is demonstrating deep divisions in the nation. A new documentary released today presents. A powerful look and for americans attempting to bridge political and racial divide is executive produced by tv news pundits van jones and meghan mccain the re united states profile. Susan bro mother of heather higher. Who was murdered by a white supremacist. At a twenty seventeen charlottesville rally at a commemoration for heather's death bro tells a crowd it wasn't until a white woman was killed before white. Americans recognize racist. Violence is a major problem that needs to be healed. So many mothers lose their children every day and we have to fix that. I don't want other mothers to be in my spot. I don't want this. The public is invited to join jones mccain for an online red and blue carpet premieres tonight go to re united states dot tv slash premier. This is by clifford for public. Do service member and listener supported. Heard on some of the nation's most interesting radio stations and online at public new servants dot. Org a look at weather from the hop lands news feed weather center today. Cloudy windy and cold with a thirty percent. Chance of snow. Pioneer twenty two tonight mostly cloudy with like wind. Low around ten. There will be partly sunny skies on your friday with continuing cold pioneer eighteen. That's the latest weather checkout more news and weather on our website at heartland newsfeed. Dotcom project veritas. Have you ever heard of project veritas. Yes they rock. What i will veritas means. Truth in latin i believe fullness or maybe truthfulness okay but they have They're more conservative than than libertarian-leaning spend some time attacking like planned parenthood and all that but But they do some they do some good stuff. They send in Under undercover reporters into organizations like see like present different scenarios. and just publicized. How the crew reacts to it begley. They've really stirred up of controversy because of this undercover cameras stuff. I mean it's great. Great work any time. You can get bureaucrats for instance to behave how they would normally behave because they don't see the cameras so that's where they see you as an employee so they don't see you at all. Yeah so you know you put these people in a position where they are treating you as they would normally shoot because when you bring a video camera openly they behave differently of course like a cop is not going to act the same way if he sees you carrying a camera as he will if you're not right so unfortunately once in a while they tell the truth off camera and it's so fascinating that that mask fall away for a moment so now the guy who's behind project veritas has been suspended and as has project veritas permanently suspended from the twitter platform as of today to come out over to social that freetalklive dot com guys because We'd love to have you and.

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