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I think with the Angelo, maybe the hope is that he's a good three point shooter. He's a really good passer. He doesn't he can be ball dominant like he was this past year will like he was when with the Lakers, and they weren't very good. But I think the hope is that he can kind of become like a facilitator just kind of corner three point shooter or like off the dribble, three point shooter, but not everybody wants to do that. Like Chris Bosh is harder to find hard to find people realize, Kevin, Love's hard to find if you realize how do you do want to? And he wants to get paid. This is that I guess that will be that's where the interesting stuff comes up. And the thing about all of this is, is it's a lot of it. Can't happen right away. Some of it has to wait for other things to fall like DeAngelis, probably going to have to wait to make a decision until kyri and Katie of already made. There's 'cause kyri not meant not make his until Katie is made his so that the nets can make a decision on whether or not they're going to relinquish Dangelo rights. He's a restricted free agent. I mean this could like I don't think it's going to be done the first day things are going to be going in well into next week. I agree I agree. I mean we deserve deserve and they come back. I get everything wrapped up tidy foot of people upon Neta. We got anything. We got anything else to talk about. All right. Hoodoo who sign Jordan Clarkson. That's right. Yeah. Another clutch client. To be honest. They could actually have a starting five. These are Windhorst's words not mine. He said that they could have starting five of clutch clients, good God. Like the Lakers could. Yeah. Okay. Okay. Moore's twins clutch client as well. Okay. So we got Marcus Morris could be clutch client catava caldwell-pope is leaving right? Yeah. He's probably leaving who else would be the flies Clark's coming back Impac already and they're probably not going to bring him back. Genie? Got stop hiring all these people. She no retreads. I mean, they're also looking to bring back brook Lopez to wouldn't be the worst idea. I, I. It's all the fault also. But it seems to be based off faulty logic. No, no, no. This is okay. You get that old thing back again. Because I find now we give Lopez that I mean, he won't be the same for you. As he was at another clo- eventually, I think, Ben Simmons is going to be a Laker. He's a client. And he's for extension this summer. I have been saying for a long time. I don't know of his actually gonna happen. This is not based on idiot side information. But I would not be surprised if Ben Simmons played out the qualifying offer, and accelerated his path to unrestricted free agency. I don't think he wants to play in Philadelphia. I don't think he should wanna play there, by the way, but I would not be surprised if you played out qualifying offer and then became a mistreated free agent as both on the extension. And that would be the most gangster move. The Rich Paul and company have pulled off. I wouldn't be surprised either from a stray Elia. What is you wanna be in Philly? Yeah. And also playing with Embiid man like he was going to be playing with him beat and Jimmy if he stays is that's something you really wanna stick around for. Like if you have been Simmons and you see yourself as been seasons. So do you see yourself as being the number three whether you shoot or not, do you see yourself that way? I doubt it. Which is kind of what he was relegated to in the playoffs, right? Yes. Yes. I mean, not even relegated to. That's what he should be can't shoot. Civilised. He cannot shoot. Today. I think I think I think we've done a good job of interviewing each other got a little table center for free agency for the people. There we go. Lazy gentlemen. Joining us here on the right time. Do this thing here couple times, week, Mamane gay Bassein? How does everything behind the scenes? Thank you, sir. Also, they saw sponsors, ZipRecruiter hymns and net..

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