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The president's stomach had both entry and exit wound but they didn't have the tools to properly work on the president. There was an experimental x ray at the exposition which could have been used to help. The doctors find the bullet but they never thought to use it. Cho- gash was immediately taken to a local police station where he was held under arrest. Crowds gathered outside the police station and when people found out that he was an anarchist. There were attacks on other anarchists around the country. At first it appeared that the president might survive the day after on september seventh appeared to be doing better vice president. Theodore roosevelt was in vermont and rushed to buffalo to attend to the president by september. Ninth yet actually. Left again confident that the president would make a full recovery on september tenth secretary of state. John hey arrived. Hey had been a personal secretary. Abraham lincoln and was a personal friend of james garfield the two previously assassinated presidents. Mckinley is improving condition however was deceptive gangrene was spreading in his body and the affection got worse and worse at two fifteen. Am on saturday. September fourteenth nineteen o. one president. William mckinley passed away vice. President theodore roosevelt was returning to buffalo. He learned of the news when he arrived at a train station in north creek. New york where there was a special train waiting to take him to buffalo when he arrived in buffalo. The decision was made to take the oath of office immediately. As for troll gash. He was indicted by a grand jury just two days. After the president's death he was assigned to defense attorneys but he refused to speak to either of them as he viewed them as being part of the system he was trying to fight. He did however speak freely and often with his prison guards. The trial began on september. Twenty third nine days after mckinley steph toll. Gosh plea of guilty. But the judge recorded it as not guilty. The defense had no witnesses and because show gash refused to cooperate he really had no defense at all. The case was open and shut as there were multiple witnesses a murder weapon and chill. Gosh never really challenged the fact that he did it. The jury found him guilty after only thirty minutes and that was only because they took the time to review. The evidence was sentenced to death by electric chair. Gosh did not seek an appeal and was resigned to his fate. He was executed on october. Twenty ninth just forty. Five days after william mckinley died his last words were quote. I killed the president because he was the enemy of the good people. The good working people. I am not sorry for my crime. I m sorry. I could not see my father unquote. His body was drenched with sulfuric acid before burial to facilitate dissolution of his corpse the aftermath of the assassination had several repercussions after three presidential assassinations..

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