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In other words. Remm sleep is the new kid on the block in the time course of Evelyn Remm sleep fuss, the image later in the course of evolution. And Secondly, what's kind of wonderful is it emerged twice independently once in buds and once in mammals, so you could argue that well if deep nonren- sleep, which is much more educationally from an evolutionary perspective it's much old foam of sleep. Wouldn't it be much more necessary fundamental one and therefore wouldn't you die sooner? No salerooms. Seems the opposite because you'd say well for the same reason that the cockroach can survive the nuclear disaster, the avian mammalian pathways more, evolved, neuronal presumably, and therefore probably requires something essential in rim that when it deprives you it takes away your superpower, which is cortex. And I think that's exactly what it is. Which is when you look at anything that has essentially complex enough system. Maybe that's what the pressure for this thing called Remm sleep emerged, even though we know that non Rhames leap actually supports many, essential central nervous system functions like sign up, pruning, and some great sort of neural thinking the Glymph attic system, clearing up that sort of similar to your oxygen analogy. Which is when you go from being an anaerobic to faculty van aerob- to a robe who's going to be most sensitive to oxygen the nation. Exactly. And so it's always a dangerous scientific hypothesis where you can figure both ways. But I always. Found that interesting and it's commented, but I just wanted to note that full, you know, twenty minutes ago in kind of in defensive Remm sleep that, you know, if we should it will be worried about the amount of deep sleep that we're getting absolutely. But we also need to be worried about how much Rhames sleep at getting because from a pure mortality risk standpoint. Remm.

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