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I wasn't that long if someone were to do a movie burt on your life and someone would play the role of terrifically without hesitation that's the guy absolutely still burton we'd love you you are a legend in it's an honor when we told that when we were talking to different people in saying you're coming everyone had the exact same reaction they were just like wow i'm so proud of you for not having all right okay like for not putting wrestling and having been blown up lips like olenin eighty two yellow person could get away with this i'm so proud that you didn't get a breast really is tight inner circle was johnny carson dom deluise cheery read charles nelson reilly adrian barbaro dinah shore and tammy wynette that's he dated dinah shore for a long time but they say friends even after the dom deluise and he did that movie that was hysterical i can't think that all funny so anyway inner circle we'll be back with our little irish everything martian marsha entertainment hey everybody it's laurie and julia here for first equity mortgage and here is what is going on right now is that we all need to get mortgages at some point in our life if you're buying a home maybe you're in a mortgage situation right now that you're not real pleased.

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