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You're getting advance. You're getting advanced word about this. But just in case you happen to be among those who have have enjoyed my, my time, crying to have a respectful conversation with the other side on hill TV next week is going to be my last week. On hill TV I am. Going to be pursuing other projects as in focusing on this show and focusing on podcast. And some of the some of the things that many of you have been asking about, I'm going to be leaving an on very good terms, and I thank the management at the hill for the opportunity, and for the, the investment in me, and, and it's been a very interesting year, a lot of growth, but last week or rather next week is going to be my last week at hill, TV, so crystal and I are going to be sitting next to each other for about six more shows, and that's going to be all she wrote on that one and look, I, I have nothing but, but fondness for my co host, and I. And as you know, I do not criticize my friends, and she is certainly a friend. I will say it is very challenging to do a left right show in the current environment. I mean, how do you have a how do you have a civilized, and fair-minded and worthwhile conversation about is the president of trader, for example, which is a topic that the media forces, pasta cover because that's an allegation, the Democrats will make and have made many times against the president. You know, how do you have a civil conversation about is Donald Trump insane? You know, legally mentally incompetent not not able to medically speaking. Hold the job of, how do you have a real conversation with someone about that with anyone about that? So I'm excited to have the, the license going forward. And this is going to be the way I conduct my all of this was an experiment to try to have the alright. Let's have a conversation. Now, I'm just going to have the buck conversation as in this is what I think about all of the things, here's the people need to know if they want to have an exchange of ideas with me, that's fine. But I reserve the right to say that the other side's ideas are stupid, including two anyone's face anyone who does not want to have that conversation with me after I'm done at the hill, should not talk to me. On the other side, it doesn't mean always say that doesn't mean I'm not willing to have a civil conversation just means I reserve the right to be able to say that is some dumb ass stuff. So that will be a bit of a change for me. Obviously here on radio. I can say whatever I want, which is great and always have and always will, but going forward, I will not commit my I told you this at the hill like committed to trying to have a both sides. The I'll conversation it was challenging I learned a lot. I'm not doing that again. That's, that's not that's not in my future. Folks, that's not happening. So I can tell you that if that explained feel about it. Well then there we go bought. I did get the chance because gone over the last year, some of my favorite stuff that I've been able to do has involved speaking to particularly are some of the left wing guests that I've, I've had some spirited exchanges with any don't today. I wasn't really in a tell you tell you what's really going on here. I didn't get much sleep last night. So I wasn't full of full of zest and energy this morning. But we had on a I think, either national spokesperson, or a president or something very senior person from the national organization of women. Now name is Tony van pelt, and she came on the show. And she would look people ask me sometimes buck, why won't you have on more liberals on your radio show? They won't come on here, they'll get they know what's going to happen, especially if. Want to have a productive conversation and respectful conversation. That's fine. But they don't they want to go to talking points, and they want to, they want to engage in the kind of intellectual laziness in emotional blackmail, that are central to left wing argument. That's, that's what you get on so many of these different issues. So they won't they won't do it, and I won't waste my time with them even if they would do it in most cases, not in all cases. But MS van pelt was talking about these recent decisions from the supreme core involving the abortion law in Indiana. And I just want you to note I'm being very calm, because she knows you know, it's like when the head of Planned Parenthood who recently got four Pinocchio being a lighter and lying's, the head of Planned Parenthood. I can't remember name now Dr something or other. She said that thousands of women die from news to die from abortions. That's not true. That's just a lie. That. The abortion lobby keeps saying, thousands of women a year used to dive and abortion is not true at all. It believe it might have been like a dozen year. Something like that. But they say thousands a year, that's that's not accurate. She lied, but they had identified me, and this is the frustration that I had at the hill because much of much of the hill TV. Staff were very liberal, and I am not liberal. So as you know. So there was always a little bit of a, a little bit of a disconnect in this regard. But they were informed that I was considered an enemy of choice by Planned Parenthood, which is something that I wear a badge of honor, and I should probably get a t shirt that says enemy of choice, although wouldn't be clear to everybody. What choice I'm an enemy of? But anyway, Tony van pelts knows that I'm not on. I'm not on her team. So she sits down and launches right at the national organization for women far left group, all think of progressive women's issue, and they're all over it. And here's how some of the conversation went policies for me, not having more energy play clip thirteen. I'm very sad by this. And I'm an of course upset and many women in the country are very angry. By the fact that these men have made this decision about their bodily integrity when it's really none of their business, but wasn't just mad who weighed in on this, it was a seven two decision about a couple of liberals actually went along with it. So we'll why you're saying just mad because it is driven by men. I'm I'm uncertain as to what you're talking about. But it is an undue burden on women's Kagan joined the majority of its when we say man, I mean my understanding is that Kagan joined the majority here. She's, obviously a woman thinks that right? Thank you for bringing up that point. Yeah. Yeah. It, it wasn't just men a woman went with the majority here saying that, yeah, they can dispose the state can say you have to dispose of this, as you would human remains because that's what it is human remains. To human being. But notice that, that, you know that sort of snide. Yeah. She said was stupid and I just I didn't call it do, but I just made it obvious that it's stupid by saying that you're saying that the men made this decision, but it wasn't just met a woman made this decision to, and you liberals went along with the conservatives on the court here. So why go with the why go with the nonsense talking point? But let's, let's dig a little deeper into the nonsense talking puts your play. Fourteen. Why should the gender of the Justice matter in these cases, why should the gender of the Justice in this particular case, we're talking about particular men that hold these views? And that's why it with matter. What about the fact that in Roe v? Wade, all of the majority. We're meant does that then affect their ability to weigh in an impartial and fair manner. You're not here and we're not talking about that. Now we're talking about principle, as to why is the gender of the Justice should matter. I really don't see that as an important to this. To this discussion because what we're talking about. It's women here. We're not talking about men except in the way that men try to control women. And that's why the first thing you said when you sat down, this is a decision by a bunch of men, so. Right. Okay. I just said that it is men who are trying to control women. That's why it's so important that we put more women on to the state legislatures. Notice. How she she spits out there? You know, men are the ones pushing this decision as if they're allowed to push decisions about women's bodies. And all I say this is very straightforward. I mean she's obviously a truly brainwashed. Left-wing pro-abortion automaton, all I say to our is okay. Well, Roe v. Wade was all men all of the majority and Roe v. Wade men does does that mean that, you know, when men do what you want them to do. They have full agency, full license on the court to weigh in on women's bodies, and what they can and can't you when they don't do it there, men. They're not allowed to I think she's just not clever enough to understand what I was trying to explain to her. It's not it's actually not complicated. Mike. She the president of the national organization for women. I think she's something or the national spokesperson for. Yeah. She's the president. The president of the national organization for women folks. Not not impressive. Not smart. Let's just say, not somebody who under and I think that it's, it's not that she's a dumb person per se, arguments are dumb, her understanding, these, you is dumbed down, because it has to be because otherwise it falls into contradiction. That's why she's a little brainwashed soldier of sorts for her side, who is told to just go and, and attack the other side, and she's not told why or Howard anything else. You just knows that this is for women and abortion, is a right. Doesn't think beyond that and then just one more question just to give you a sense of what v other side with the Democrats really want here. This is what I asked the president of the national organization for him and play fifteen should abortions me directly subsidized by taxpayers. I think that all health care should not be subsidised is universal, right. For people that's my tax dollars should go toward abortions, which you believe is part of health, our healthcare, birth control, sex education abortion, classic abortion lobby maneuver there. You'll notice when I asked her is very straightforward. Yes or no question should tax dollars go toward abortion. She says, well, all healthcare is a yet. So is that a yes or no? Well, let's talk about all this other. This is what Planned Parenthood does. Well, we're all about mammograms and giving out birth control.

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