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So it just depends on what you i got a bowl because the most important this game is going to be the guys up front and because the backs are good him look aired once the how did you and just into submission and be in the third or fourth quarter if that often so i've gone and he's going to be tough or devonta freeman then devin coleman james there's got back the s and i think where they can do their damage is out of the backfield especially if new england half the play that too high safety look to take away the take went outside receivers the middle the feel be open in devonta freeman tevin coleman are dangerous of the backfield you know it's only one of the things i find very interesting about the super bowl and frankly for both teams is that it wasn't that long ago as in the last year that both of these often some lines were maligned they had injuries they were criticized and yet the strikes of these teams one of the strengths of these teams for both of them is that group of five well it in for different reasons for the latter falcons i make the addition of alex mack who would you could argue across the nfl was the number one free agent signings based on the fact that how well they've played up front and then get to the super bowl but it's also jake matthews being healthy all year he missed quite a bit of years i had a down year during his second year he's played outstanding this year all five of the guys for the allow falcons a played every game started every game this year and they're outstanding in the run game the outside zone game there backs are set up for we just talked about them and they do an outstanding job closer athletic group i'm based on the run game play action which away and is number one in the nfl of yards per play when it comes a play action pass over ten yards a pop there really the ballots makes them outstanding in the really allows them to get role one in because when you run the ball as much easier to pass blocking that right back there than james knowing what thought this going to come back it's utah think that that's but talked about and i was going.

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