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Want to just get a sense. You're very bluntly mike. How good is this class of players as a whole compared to previous years really good like really strong. I think that you know last year there was so much uncertainty right. You had the pandemic whereas this year. It is like rock song by k. cunningham. He'd be the number one. Taking lawsuits draft is going to be more picking this year's draft jalen green. He'd be the number one pick in last year's draft. Evan mobely he'd be the number one pick in las year's drop like we're not exaggerating when we say that this draft actually has three number one caliber prospects and there's depth all throughout so those three number one overall caliber picks. I need sort through the hierarchy among them. Because if you listen to pistons fans right now and maybe just because the internet has this way of making everybody thinks the same thing. Sometimes it does feel like cade. Cunningham is the guy who's jersey you already bought if you're out in detroit so does that sound right to your bind. How why is there. Such little doubt about the guard from oklahoma state. Yeah no doubt in my mind either. And you know we've heard the last couple of days. Okay detroit still doing their due diligence and all that like they're gonna take care cunningham unless there's some type of unforeseen trade that happens or or anything along those lines like case cunningham is going to be the pick and i think he's the clear cut number one guy you watch today's nba. And you say okay. What's the most valuable position really in the nba. It's that six seven six eight ball. Handler shock creator. Who can get zone and who can make everyone around better. And you look at luca danni. It's you know he's he's the prime young example. You look at what. Chris middleton did in the finals. That's that's like cades floor. That's like if he busts right. He's he's. Chris middleton any also has that like yearning for the phone. His hands late in games So again you can nitpick him some teams are. They're saying oh slow. Who does he get by all that like. That's to me that's outdated The game has changed. He's perfect so the outdated aspect of that though explain that why is that not so much a concern in two thousand twenty one given the way the modern game is played. Well one. you can't really touch anybody right so it used to be so much about like kenny. Kenny beat his man off the dribble right like he can get him you know and and i think if you have positional size. Iq assure enough handle and can shoot the ball and pass then then you get pretty much wherever you want on the floor. I mean it was. It was a lot of the same concerns about luke to be honest. I've said deluca thing. And i like that's a best best best case right like the ceiling. Sure that's this ceiling. Like lasagna is on track to maybe be when the all time greats whereas cade like. I'm not sure he's gonna reach luca danni level but it's that same prototype it so same questions. Can you just put the ball in his hands. Can you get buying one. Can he be this. Big point guard like i say absolutely. He's as complete as a prospect. As i can remember evaluating just in terms of okay. Maybe he's not quite as lee of a passer as luca but he still has the one handed skip passes. The right hand left hand all that. It's not quite as elite. Luca but really good catch and shoot. He can really catch and shoot. You can shoot off the dribble. He was the number one the most efficient isolation player in all of college basketball last season. So to me that. That's not a guy who should have questions about whether or not he can go get you one. And then the one thing. We haven't really talked about most with him. He has a seven to wingspan. And like pretty good defensive toughness you know so. I think this is a guy who can also add value on the defensive end of the floor but after cade mike it does seem like. There's something of a drop off which gets us to jalen green. Evan mobley's so how do you differentiate between those two guys. And how much distance is there between them and kate cunningham. Yeah really really close between these two and again. I do want to say that like cade. Yes we've been banging the drum overwhelming favourite but there are some very very highly respected voices within the mba. Some of which who believe in three or four years jalen grain will be the best player. Some of which believe. Evan nobly in three or four years could be the best player. So that's the type of up side that you're talking about here. I still think. Kate is kind of an era of his own. And then these two in the next group. But i started the year kind of evan moberly over jalen green just because he plays both ends of the floor but just looking how looking at how valuable shot creation is in today's game watching the playoffs man. It's sort of like of course it comes down to shock creation every single time pretty much every time and so for jalen green like you have won an effortless athlete. Like i mean he's been described know million dollar legs right. That's what scouts will say about him. Like that's the way he moves. That's the way he runs that's the way he explodes off the ground just like an ideal athletic profile from a physical sense and then you add in the fact that this kid just averaged eighteen points a game in the g. league bubble inefficient eighteen points a game like over fifty percent from to over thirty five percent from three improved. Defensively showed some playmaking jobs. And so i think he's the second best prospect in the draft because the importance of the shot creation the athletic piece and the fact that he's productive. And does it in ways that you see in the nba and then on top of that. Maybe my favorite thing about this kid. Every time i leave a film session with them. I'm just like man. I love that kid. He's just very raw and he's very real. And so i. I think fan bases are going to love wherever he goes. They're gonna love that. They're gonna love that like he wants to dunk on you. You know and he wants he. He's basically like listen. I'm sick of hearing about these other guys. He's like i'm the guy and he's backed up with this play and so his. His potential is through the roof. Yeah and as a filipino. American of course. I root genetically for jalen green half himself but so let's say houston ends up getting him. Cleveland then would presumably evan moberly and what arrives at the doorstep him. I mean another another special talent. So what what. I also love about this top three. These guys are all very different. Okay so we're talking about. Maybe luca mold we're talking about a jalen green and that maybe brad beal type of like potential. Nba leading score honestly. And then mobely. You're talking about like a little bit of anthony davis a little bit of chris bosh like that that type of defensive versatility and then those type of glimpses offensively like he's not. I said this time and time again. He's not your dinosaur big. It's not like you know last year. I understood the criticism of. Hey why james wiseman at number two like those type of bigs you can go get okay. Like running jumps. He's got a little bit more skill than that. But the the running jumped lob catching room protecting guys like you can go. You can go get a daniel gifford or somebody like de cheap right you can discover. Daniel gathered has midseason and be like. Oh wait a minute. Yeah that is the guy that does the things we need to do. But evan mobely what does he have on top of.

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