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Companionship the right phrase themselves it's very very unusual thing like tiger was just beating down these guys for decades right and just taking tournaments away left and right so we sponsor this new generation of rickie fowler jordan spieth justin thomas dustin johnson rory mcilroy and the weird thing is that none of them come out publicly and say i want to beat them into the ground just like he used to beat phil mickelson ernie els vj singh instead they say they can't wait to see him back out they can't wait to it's almost like they put them on their shoulders and it's a it's a neat thing in a way because there's so much like unity amongst the young golfers right now there's if there's not a lot of disharmony like there was back in the days where you remember the europeans and the ryder cup and all that stuff so on the one hand i it's great but i'd like to see like what happened yesterday rory mcilroy said hey it's great that tigers making charge i can hear all the birdies and the roars of behead but i'm going to beat this guy i'm just as good as he is now if not better and i'm gonna shoot sixty four myself and win at tournament in honor of arnold palmer and that's exactly what he did so that to me would be the greatest thing in this sport of tiger was competing at a high level going toe to toe with guys half is age and maybe pull out a few tournaments you know now and again and adding new his hall of fame brilliant career to be either number one or number two all time and yet sometimes guys are just better than he is on sunday and that was the case yesterday on the intimidation factor is gone hey i on your way out the door rory mcilroy came out yesterday and says is limiting alcohol would curb the unruly fan behavior and here's the quote from mcelroy told the spn dot com he said there was one guy out there who kept yelling my wife's name i was gonna go over there and have a chat with him i don't know i think it's gotten a little much to be honest i think they need to limit alcohol sales on.

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