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Keep you at the top of your gain. Bottom line is News Radio seven forty KTAR. H? We've got traffic weather and time line all coming up here in just a moment. First though, there's nothing like a good old fashioned Twitter fight that seems to be the place to go. If you wanna you wanna brawl with somebody the latest combatants are Kellyanne Conway in Alexandria, Cossio Cortes, finding on Twitter. Yeah. They are Kellyanne Conway writing good that you now could them Sri Lanka massacre. Some founded odd a prolific. Tweeter was silent following day. You tweeted about your movie to which Alexander Cossio Cortes wrote back on Easter. I was away from tech visiting my grandmother in Puerto Rico, which continues to suffer from the White House's incompetent disaster response. Are you trying to imply them less Christian? What was the point of view bringing this up on national TV? All right, Kellyanne, what was the point caller out here because I'm on television shows, and I'm asked constantly why didn't Donald Trump say this? Why did you use that word? Where's the semi-conscious tweet where I believe it should be? And I said, hey, why does anybody asks Alexandria 'cause air Cortez who you give a hero's? Welcome to all you fan girls. Everybody to ask her why she's been completely silent on the massacre against Sri Lankans on Easter Sunday. So she said on Twitter, I said it on TV. Sharon, different never. She said on Twitter. Hey, I was away from tech is visiting my grandmother for Easter. I think that's wonderful. But the very next day they were still picking through the rubble in Sri Lanka, looking for survivors or the deceased. She had time to tweet about her Netflix documentary about her. Okay. Well, there you go. There's our explanation of it will be more fighting this say round two. Coming up later today. I'm sure six fifty three here on NewsRadio seven forty h let's get to traffic and weather before we get to the time line. Here's to lead Hardee's update. Let's do it. Because we're kind of stuck in a backup on the inbound side of forty five to go freeway right before you get to Grigg swing it over to the left because that right side is completely blocked off. And that's what's holding us up. All the way back to edge. You could get off Alameda Gino on us telephone as an alternate. We also have an accident if you're trying to travel on the inbound side of I ten east freeway, and that was right around Lockwood. So it was adding to our rush hour stuff coming in from six ten we've got the bridge repair going on I ten at Crosby Lynchburg, and that's causing delays in both directions this morning, and then if you're trying to travel on the east Sam, Houston, they just cleared this up northbound after Pasadena boulevard, but it still got about a five minute delay. I'm Judy hardy and the Gulf Coast windows dot com. Twenty four hour traffic center from our KTAR h Westside northside Lexus twenty-four weather center, cloudy skies with a high temperature today. Right about eighty six you may see a pop up shower, but not much right now, seventy seventy year officials severe weather. Station..

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