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A quick update on some of the races that have been called already. All right. So, of course, Donald Trump winning Indiana. That was the first race called the Night. This is the point in the evening where we would expect Joe Biden to take the lead in the electoral vote. And he has 111 votes for Joe Biden 100 for for Donald Trump at this point with a bunch of states closing their polls at nine o'clock just now, we still have not seen a single swing state anywhere on the map into in two hours of coverage. No swing states have been called. You did just hear from Fox News. One of the swing your Senate races has been called the former governor of Colorado, John Hickenlooper, ousting Senator Cory Gardner. So that's one game for the Democrats. They need to gain three seats, plus the presidency if they were to take control of the Senate, But he swing states have just closed. Arizona, Michigan, Minnesota, Texas and Wisconsin. No calls there yet. It may be awhile before there are any also, we should note that while Nebraska has been called for President Trump Remember, Nebraska is one of two states that divides its electoral vote by congressional District. There is one electoral votes there that Joe Biden has a decent shot at winning. And so that is not the full electoral tally going in the Republican column just yet. In Indiana. We have called up Five congressional races. At this point, the most recent one Frank James van will be the new congressman from the first district. That is a district that has been Democratic now for 90 years, and it's going to be 92. As's John Greg pointed out in the last hour. He's going to be just the fourth Congressman for that. This is only the fifth congressman for that district in the last 78 years, so a very stable Democratic district and fact Chamber van has expected the winner there. Jackie Dworsky is still trying to nail down victory in the second District. She's expanded her lead since we last discussed it with 53% of the vote. Jim Banks, a winner in the third with 71% Jim Baird, winner in the fourth district at 72%. Greg Pence the winner in the sixth with 75% Bhushan in the eighth with 63% within three races that we're still waiting on. The fifth District, of course, is the Marquis Race of the night. Christina Hail continues to narrowly lead that with 50% of the vote 47% for Victoria spots just getting word in the last 10 minutes or so from Hamilton County. They have 30,000 mail and votes that they were not able to get counted before the polls closed tonight. And so those are going to be counted tomorrow. They're focusing on the election day vote for the rest of the evening. So there's going to be 30,000 votes uncounted there until tomorrow, which makes that unlikely that we'll be able to make a call there tonight. Don't forget. There's also Marion County votes that may not be counted there. But that's the one that we're watching most closely. All right, checking him What's happening across the state with one of our network Indiana affiliates. From W. R E B in Putnam County. I'm Alicia Shame on network Indiana for President Putnam County voted in trumpet 73.86% and Biden at 23.74%. For governor. Holcomb had 56.75% of the votes while Myers took in 17.41 Rainwater, 24.84 u. S representative Jim Bear took 76.92% of the votes and Joe Mackey 23.3 district 24 State Senator Crane took in 76.43 Alba only 23.57 for District 37, Senator. Break a minute. 76, 06 and Wallace at 23. 94 for W. R E B a network INDIANA. I'm Ali says shame. Oh, looks like wrapping this up for Governor Eric Holcomb as the governor for the next four years. Governor again. I will just learning now that we're probably getting a speech That will be a concession speech from Dr Woody Myers, the Democratic candidate coming up at 9 15 and also learning that Donald Rainwater, the libertarian candidate, has finally conceded so looking for some commentary here from a former House speaker John, Greg and Abdul Hakeem Shabaab. Well, sometimes I was interesting in the report. We just heard the young lady for network Indiana. Over in Putnam County done waited water actually beat Dr Willie Liars in. He came in second in the vote, and that's the next over, and Putnam County, which is about 40 minutes west of here. What I would be interested when it's all said and done is obviously Eric Holcomb came in first, but weighted down rain water actually come in second. Where did the libertarian actually beat the Democrat in this particular case so that it will be interesting? You know, there's some counties that are so Republican Franklin Union County over the Cincinnati side of Indiana and those could be areas where you could see him also beat reason. Why know about having read for twice? Joe Donnelly and I It's horrible, horrible for Democrats over there. All right, coming up in just a moment You will hear from Dr Woody Myers. He is scheduled to speak at 9 15 Eso. You will be able to hear what he says about Governor Holcomb. And this.

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