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12 and told 1 30 but also getting reports of a rack over at 49 Street and Rue ST Your next report today. 33 I'm Melinda Brant with Austin's on time traffic. It was a clouds in son of the human Today the high end 89 clouds and human Tonight scattered light night thunderstorms are possible Those 75 for tomorrow cloudy and humid shower and thunderstorm. The high near 84, then for tomorrow night clouds and a couple of thunderstorms around look for low of 68 Thursday crowds to give way to some sun with a high 84 from the weather Center. I'm Steve Williams. This segment thinking about Happy hour. Well, before you drink, designate a sober driver or plan for a rideshare Be the Make a plan driver be the driver who saves lives. Go to zero deaths. MD dot gov. This message is brought to you by the Maryland Department of Transportation. California's record heat wave has claimed a life in Los Angeles. It was a woman and her name is not being released, but she was hiking with a friend outside Calabasas Saturday when she started feeling ill and suddenly collapsed. According to the Los Angeles County sheriff's departments and temperatures hitting 121 degrees in parts of California over the weekend, godly that that does not help with the fire's out there right now. No, no, that's having on the issue. Yeah, I've seen a lot of AH weather types, climate change types. Not whether or not meteorologist, but whether claiming, you know, climate change types, saying this this is the result of climate change. Actually, it's the result of dumb newlyweds doing gender reveals and sparking wildfires using explosives..

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