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I think they're going to go weekend midweek every week until early December like the fixture list will be at a point where everyone will play. Hopefully they don't suffer more dropped results though because expectations have been ratcheted it up and drawing again West Brom that ain't going to cut a chief right hand. They I thought West Brom was exactly the type of Team you could try this out but then you made the gas at Silva and Marcos Alonso made and you burned that Capital you have a little bit of leeway and they would have gotten away with it. If we didn't see too horrific gaps in that game. I'm glad you mentioned Christensen because over looked as his performance in that match against West Brom very good start to the season. I think from Christensen, let's get all the bad juju out and hopefully we don't see anything like that ever again because it off. Is bad high-profile news that broke after that West Brom match was reported confrontation between Marcos Alonso and the manager Frank Lampard mortgage loans. Oh reportedly going to the team bus to watch the remainder of game after being pulled off early in that game. He was not very good in that game. He was quite bad. What do you make of this from the managing our Chelsea have a very young team and that's one of the more established veterans and Marcos Alonso we've covered him at Great length here is of frustrating player. If you're relying on him to make a defensive play. I mean set your expectations quite low and hope for any surprise to be a pleasant one because he's an attacking left-back. He is a proper left-wing Becky bombs forward this guy that used to play Striker coming up and he he he's got a very special skill that I think is perfectly suited for only certain types of opponents. However, injury forced Marcos Alonso into that left back position. However, I know yep. Who's playing off the opposite foot? But as Billy quit, I would have preferred seeing him out there especially because as your captain and Frank Lampard probably made a mistake there and given what happened report after the match. I think you'll be the first to admit that because Marcos Alonso might have played himself out of this lineup going forward. Yeah, and it's those individual errors, right that just are immensely frustrating and you don't really account for them. It's not a breakdown of your tactics. It's just don't nod the ball directly into the path of your opponent. I mean that's as routine as it gets and for professional football to make that mistake above the same with Diego Silva, right?.

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