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Your subject to the texting while driving in the hands free loss so one little food for thought and little additional note there and by the way the for the minimum wage is that phases in we have the whole fifteen dollar John Morgan backed a minimum wage proposal to try to get on the twenty twenty ballot proposed constitutional amendment we are seen the minimum income increased by ten cents per hour tomorrow eight dollars and fifty six cents per hour that's the one point two percent increase I reflecting just hello I inflation has been in the economy wow that is she's getting a lot of attention and I like to follow up for you come up later in the week we are saying that help what percentage of people on minimum wage well it's under one percent now that's right under one percent of everybody in the work force ones minimum wage and that is a story it's two for one it's a great news story about our economy and how in this economy we've seen real significant wage growth because the tight labor market supply demand companies a battery salaries in order to keep retain and attract new talent that's what the American free enterprise system is designed to do and it's also the false narrative of the minimum wage a because the the minimum wage is there for what purpose well you can realize what next nobody is on the minimum wage to begin with and what's more what is the average age is the one who's earning minimum wage well twenty yep that's right twenty in the working part time you always see the stories I saw another one just yesterday you know the you to date we you would have to work like one hundred and eight hours per day are per week to be able to live on minimum what you're it's not designed to site designed to and obviously next to no one in the work force actually yes because the economy is much better than that but what you will do if you take the fifteen dollars per hour in arbitrarily forced the hand of companies you will find a way to.

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