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Later. Only cats. Can you like do you have Snapchat channels? Goes you just kinda kinda let's check go because it's simple. I don't even. I don't know. It just for me. It was like it's a grandma is just available to out there in a little more of a walled garden. Yes. So forgiving really know who you're going out to I don't know for whatever reason it just wasn't as compelling to me. Another step just me. But yeah. Gonna put the Dixon cat pictures on Instagram, which is fine. But but at that. And then just remind me that my wife said that a guy is trying to there's a guy who's who was born in nineteen forty nine who his doctor said, you have the health of someone who's twenty years younger than you. So he's legally trying to get his age changed. I saw saying that he was born in eighteen sixty nine I saw that headline Clinton is like this. This a bullshit dislike is somebody that has a problem with people with their gender. I thought like it must be like somebody just be like, well, if somebody was born a woman and thinks man now than I can learn at this. It didn't read that red light really read like he really was like I want to I should buy should be born in nineteen sixty nine and nineteen. But also like we just tell people you're born in nineteen sixty nine. Yeah. How often do you tell someone your age they go I'm gonna need to see somebody goes documentation. I mean, it's socially. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. But in Kansas was there in a pre internet era? Was there a support structure for the type of stuff that you're into what what type of for you into? Then how did you get it? And who were your friends? Well, luckily, I had five brothers and sisters. So I heard like a lot of cool is like REO speedwagon air supply that was one room, and then my brother was like into barge in the other room. And then my other brother was like in the bread and cream, and my mom was into Manilow Streisand. So I heard a lot of music, but the only thing we watch that live, and I could do that. Because my brothers and sisters would watch it and I've ever seen like Joe cocker, John Belushi. And I was like, oh my God, Debbie, Harry, I saw her and but there wasn't really like a support structure. The only supports did have is that my mom's in these. Teacher. So she really thought there was nothing wrong with like moving to New York wanted to be a singer. She's like good sticking you twenty years fine. Go keep waiting tables. You're gonna make it like so there's that support structure, but I mean other than that was just like show choir and caters on the weekend. And that sort of like missing me, married, a keg r and show choir. And you got yourself a rocker cabarets then. Then come together. A long table is there's. I got a little wobbly. I really need to describe the rug that were on. It's it's a kitty in a in a pile of pills. Yeah. Yeah. It's one of my favorite things. So door was on that Newseum of modern art gift store website thing in saw these rugs. What can I do with the Rev of the kitty cat and pills? I'm gonna make it work. I just thought you got this roundtable to go on top of it. But this wrong size. I've got another one coming. But yeah, I just love it does your act change for the type of end you that you're gonna be like you said you do. So do some comedy club. Totally or you exactly the same or do you ship a little bit for the cabaret crowd versus the country the coverage crowd, I have my band. So I take time and I like mixing tenderness ballots not just him. But like at a comedy club. I really tried to keep it like, raucous and vibrant. And my jokes jokes jokes are not jokes funny. But that's why loved it and shows in New York because I can take my time and like tell something like meaningful shit, and maybe do some of the political stuff..

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