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That were evaluated. Pick up the minute updates all the latest news connects to the morning noon before he inched day checking us out right here on Kevin's 10, 70 or listening. You're smart speaker by saying Alexa play can extend 70 or on your phone. I love the radio that come up and favorite KNX because we are everywhere You are coming up at the bottom of the hour, five minutes from now at 5 30, the latest of that upcoming curfew, which kicks in tonight, But right now it's 5 25 traffic and weather together every 10 minutes on the fives. Brought to you by San Diego County Credit Union Here is Rex back. Well, we've got a problem in Tustin. Now the South downside of the fire. But Tustin ranchers are wrong way driver being reported. Be extra careful if you're going through their north bound side of the five in Santa Fe Springs. This is right. It'll laundry where car slammed into the wall on the right shoulder. The slow lane is gonna be blocked their south down 605 in Long Beach. That's where we have that three car pileup was in Lane's. They finally swept this thing over to the right shoulder still sense of a slowdown from Carson Street. But traffic is starting to move through there in downtown L. A. The one A one north clothes from the 62 4th Street, south bound also shut down from the 10, Sandra, the Gino Freeway to Seventh Street country, and so does have some Detours in place to get you around that closure Sdcc you has low mortgage rates and zero closing cost on select mortgage loans up to $3 million. You could save thousands of dollars on your loan. Subject to approval. Equal housing opportunity. Call 877 sdcc you for you or apply today at STC. See you calm. Next report at 5 35 with more traffic reports more often, I'm Rick Smith can extend 70 news radio Right now We're.

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