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Dairy farmers will have the chance to sign up for the new dairy revenue protection program. The program will allow farmers to purchase coverage on a milk production and leads the nation in dairy production. We will hear from another big dairy state and how they hope to benefit from the program. More after this. National Cattlemen's beef association does is what benefits cattleman, and there's what doesn't trade the farm Bill technology and conservation the decisions being made in Washington affect the lives of each and every cattleman when it comes to the issues. There's simply no room for grey area to us. It's as clear as black and white this, join and CBA dot org to learn more. Minnesota congressman Collin Peterson encourages farmers to take a look at the new revenue protection program. Absolutely. Everybody needs to take a look at the Adrian's need to go out and talk to their dairy producers this fall and educate them on product, and our would fit into their operation. The one thing we have not seen at this point gives the pricing is a subsidy. That's eight percent of the premium or something like that. But we don't know what the actual Peterson says wants the new farm Bill passes. Farmers will have the ability to utilize several of the dairy programs. These programs include the MPP producer. We'll be able to be an all three programs. They'll be able to be in the trust program. We'll be able to be an MVP, and they'll be able to be in the livestock gross management program. And they could be there in those programs on the same milk. They want to the milk market has been lacking price certainty for many years and Collins says farmers need to take time to discuss these options, and what may work for them. Farmers. A lot of obstacles in terms of risk management price protection. It's going to be complicated. So people are going to have to spend some time educate themselves. You know, get good advice about what to do. Daniel Leo are NatWest radio network. Hey SRO Michalis now a tropical storm, but it came ashore along the Florida panhandle as a category four hurricane history. Riquet Michael because they have never seen a category for here in the Florida panhandle and keep buying this was just shy of a category. Five ABC news world news anchor David Muir in Panama, City, Beach, Florida governor, Rick Scott all night, we've had search and rescue teams going heading down towards the coast to coast guard has been doing rescues all night long. And now the storm is moving north through Georgia ABC's, Steve Olson Saami is in making Roberta Georgia.

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