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Never a credit publicly Bull so it's a it's a hard dangerous fire and it's going to be tied and if he tends it tends moment really quick and release not boys arrived. he's now arrived. Say i'm still learning because he's taken out atop shop sharpshooter if i'm talking about it. It's two semifinals. Two heavyweight fights for final for the undisputed heavyweight torso regardless of if and how when it gets made who do you see in that final. Dc aj being sick versus who from wachira fury aj fury. But then i don't see the happening straightaway. I know one time. I think these bright maha these guys have less trust in each other Because of because it was so nearly made they've lost trust each other and if you look back when not fight was to build up between. Aj and fury dirty. Didn't say anything was aj so indications when he says something then i think a lot and nothing it signed sealed and they live it But think both comes. The trust is lost. And so i would be better supplies if that was then next fi after this one. I expect you to win I expect eighty two tight Ball he's headway punch changed everything now. Big puncher but he's a classic. Well it's on this all. Make sure that when you listen. It says it's definitely gonna happen. I hope i'm wrong. I don't wanna be the wrong as well thank you. I think you've seen that out perfectly some that everyone's feeling it's Really know and that's what we want. You don't really know what's going to happen thank you very much. Enjoy the rest of week and we'll catch you like to pledges mind well. I'm joined by the big flat comments. Retain now of adam smith and matthew macklin gentlemen. Thank you for. Join us on the cost. Mac gonna come to you. i We heard from jimmy nelson. Paul one so much was being made about the size of usage and the reasons behind it. What do you think the reasons behind. He's physique might be. Is this a case of his put way on because he wants to be able to absorb more damage wants to give himself a bit more protection or z. Poked up because he wants to match. Aj power if he can do that. close brackets. i don't think you'll be able to power. And i think bulking up. We'll be detrimental to him. Whatever is thinking or reasoning behind the is i. I think he's winning. These for every wins. This far is his ability. He's he's ringgold q. And stay one step ahead of joshua and maneuvering him. I don't think he's gonna were able to stand there. Bang with joshua be a terrible mistaken. Upbeat shocked if those were tactics. So look the only thing you can think that maybe yeah possibly to absorb the shots and maybe to be more physical on the inside when they come together from physical strength point of view but i- assume is not a big puncher. He wasn't huge cruise away so he's not going to. He's not you see that being game plan. You've played chess ways. Jay won't give while you can watch on youtube on. Ask us who spokesman you should pay. Who won it was adam He's it before you get that in. I don't want to rush rush. i don't want to do the flight down. Because the casual funds went. Let me say but could you see a chess match so for the first good for the first four or five rounds. i think it's going to be a very tactical affair early I was thinking of other many better fighters may be better Technical boxes and unsee joshua's ever fords both as amateur out as a professional. I mean you can look at sort of klitschko oversee but it was at the end of his career and obviously there are others. You know oliver. Vacuum is olympic gold medalist. Charles malted the only south pole. He he's face as well so you know he's he's had a around on a half guy south board as i got stopped by now mr the romanian and the amasis who's a south pool and i think aleksandra roussy is potentially the the cleverest most more ball and as matt says he's ring i q As a boxer that age is probably have faced. You know so. I think it's It's all going to be down to what he does in the first two or three rounds. If you can get into a rhythm and stay away. I agree with mattie econ. He couldn't get close with With aj because you know even if he is bulked up slightly to absorb the punches. I mean that's that's That's suicide really. And i think that he you know he he's been stopped himself. Amazon's so you've got to be. He's going to be very very catholic but he's small. He's very good at judging distance He's got that sample stall and as many a opponents is anthony's having candidates have plenty. None of them could match replicate. What does what he can deliver. So i think his tactics have gone to try and turn it into a Very clever boxing match. And i think it could be Very edgy for the first two or three rounds A sort of chess match. But you know it's inching manson. He's taken up chess as a hobby. shopping brian may give given a little bit of relaxation time outside the ring but his bow. Maneuvering your opponent. It's all about finding a way to win at all costs. And i think that's what they plan to do in sheffield. I think that he's trained. For twelve to fifteen rounds. I don't think he's trained for an early knockout here. I think he really writes alexandra. Ruzicka think put an extraordinarily hard work. His legs look fantastic. He's lied he's lean he's probably gonna be in the best condition ever i don't think he's improving boxer as well joshua so it's a fascinating what it really is and because i can see joshua eventually proving just too big experience and strong down the stretch but also if you can get into a rhythm it could be very very tricky for for joshua now all the points of danger. The i-i've might face with a south pole. I don't know because i've never been in Every orthodox for you ever talk to very ready do they. Sound like fighting. Southpaws charles moore. And let's take that take out. He hasn't fought one is if you do you. Completed one round against the south bores appro. Danger is because i know that spike off camera before about you actually always circle the other way to what people would voice into the south pole tan. So what what is he going to be wary of with the pole. Well the thing with the southport..

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