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You saw us here in Los Angeles right now. Oh, we on. We are on now. Okay. So we're at Melissa media days. And this is a great time. I really look forward to it. I wanna speak on your behalf. I'm sure you do too because we get to really prime up on Major League Soccer. There's a players are here. The coaches everyone involved with the league it comes through these doors. It's here in Los Angeles. So you have a good time. Most of the players are very accommodating. Yes. I heard there's an issue with Dom Dwyer. He got all kinds of divo-. What's really? Yeah. Been reading about it. I hope that's not the case. Because Dom always been an awesome guy to us. But he apparently that was the case. We'll give him the benefit of doubt. Let's say maybe he's a misunderstanding. Hopefully, you've oh, yeah. Like the band like amount whippet whippet male term for diva. Oh, ill Ildiko ill diva. All right. So we have a really cool podcast. Call him that by the way. Okay. No. You just brought it up. Yeah. Breaking news. We have a nice show for you. Here. We're going to sit down right here with Josie outdoor. We're going to talk with only Kamara of the galaxy as well have another podcast was he said, you know, I never did. You did just please. This is absurd. I can I finish. Sure. So, unfortunately, one of the things fortunately, and unfortunately because it was a very special night. The memorial service resumed Schmidt happened on Friday, we arrived Thursday. We'll go through the weekend. So it was here in Manhattan beach about twenty miles from where we are right now. And. Me personally, I knew I was going wanted to attend. And thankfully, the we're I was able to do that. And I was expecting a big turnout. And when I got there, I it was overwhelming. It was the word her Chilver whelming, which was filled, and you looked around and there were people that, you know, working in this or playing in this sport for the last twenty years, folks you recognize and it was just an outpouring of relationships, and and almost cathartic to see guys that you hadn't seen in ten fifteen years. I mean coaches. Players that you play. I mean, just one was such a overwhelming out of body experience. It was a time capsule last thirty five forty years, and what is college soccer professional soccer with Major League Soccer and US national team. And to see the amount of just love and social players broadcasters administrative where I saw picture with three US, men's nationally and coaches ex US, MS axioms coaches, Steve Sampson, you know, Bob, Bradley, Bruce Arena. Had all types of ex players, whether it's collegiate levels professional levels national team level, it just anybody and everybody who's CD somehow touched all along the way touch the lives along the way was there to show their support for Valerie as wife, and then Kyle and their family, and I was a little over weld seen so many people together because I don't think you can get that many people in a room to say they like me alone, come to my service. And I'm saying the most respect it was really overwhelming. And I know you had a few instances where you knew ciggie, I played preceding he'd getting my opportunity when I was nineteen and when things got rough towards the end of my career, he gave me an opportunity to come back in my career the right way. And I will always be grateful for that. Like a lot of players city. Had this rocky road of a relationship. You know? Nineteen and he told me that I should look for another profession in for for a lot of years. I resented Ziggy for that not understanding of this is just business, and then I play wasted that you. Yeah. Not understanding. And it's just too cold truth. You know at times he has to coach estimate harsh decisions in when he cuts Uni. He says, listen, maybe you need to start thinking about other things in your future. I took it the wrong way. And and then I became a player and played in Mexico and played against Sounders. And you know, a couple of times I took shots at at Sigi on air, and it wasn't until after that would speak..

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