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Safest. All it's like, what are you gonna do? Hide behind the statue of Ned stark. What second do for you? Especially against the army that I have seen or heard one theory that 'cause they're playing is try to draw the night king to brand. Yeah. And I've I've heard one theory that the night king will actually not show up at all. Because he he knows that what they want. So he's gonna play save in not actually going to be this battle at all. They can. I mean, if they don't if they don't defeat the night king here with the two dragons in all drying glass in you know, all these soldiers and people willing to fight if they don't defeat them here. I don't know. Part of me is like what's the point? 'cause then they're just gonna move on. We're just gonna have to do this again, probably in king's landing, but at the same time if if they do to feed them that leaves. Three more episodes of. What are they gonna you know, what are they gonna do? Are they still have to king's landing? So if they don't if they defeat the army of the dead to the go to king's landing out become a battle between whoever survives the golden company and the latest her army. Is it? I mean, he's literally gonna come down to a literal fight for the throne. Serious is going to be like sitting on the iron, though know onto with all going. It's know someone convinces her otherwise, she's dead. Or does the army the dead come to come to king's landing, and they have to be defeated in the process that takes out the golden company and Lancaster army like, I don't know. I could see going both ways. And I don't I don't know how I feel about either. No. I kind of what I just kinda wanna get the army dead done in overweight because it's been such a long dragged out thing. But at the same time that almost seems like it would be too easy. Yeah. I mean, if this this episode coming up. I I don't know that I can't. Can't pitcher the thing with king Zanu like if it goes like they finish off the on. This coming up sewed. I can't take three episodes vision all over an hour to get to king's landing. In fight going prompting in list. I can't it's too late bringing a new obstacle. Yeah. So whatever obstacles are in the way our obstacles, we are already aware of. Everything's gotta get. I mean, I don't even I don't watch the show. But just kind of hearing what you guys are talking about. Inches From Compass, storytelling, plotting perspective. It's like, yeah. It's it's time to end guys wrap it up. Yeah. But with game of thrones is like our is a wrap up with a, you know, someone wins the drone, and they live happily ever. After is like is everything tied up in a pretty little bow. Or no. This isn't once upon a time. No. It can even go the lake. Most of us want. Sissi dead and Danny to be on thrown. Yeah. Totally go to you opposite way this show. I can kind of expect doing that. As much as I needed to see them. It's really hard Avak spectators because. You can't you can't have expecations would gave thrones. That's what makes this show. So like amazing frustrating all of this. Like, this is part of the reason why so good is because it does not fit the traditional mold and tropes that you would expect from TV. And it's like, it keeps showing your toes and therefore keeps you engaged because you don't know what to expect the same time. It's like you can't rest on your laurels, essentially, you've got to be prepared for everything. And it's really hard to do when you're emotionally invested because you do not know what's going to happen to these characters that you have grown to either hate or love or sometimes both. Because you cannot predict what's going to to happen to them. So it's like he kinda have to send your emotions aside. Just watch it play out men compartment. You know, worked through the emotional aftermath after. Oh.

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