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And they are and have been a nato ally the only muslim country that's an ally in nato that's in nato and our nation has had very close relations with turkey for many many many decades and so to see them turning towards like an islamic dictatorship very bad what that means with future nato and are involved especially with you know who the white house and this to one anyway i got this one for you coming right back to the phones this this one again it's because of the manure storm from donald trump that a story like this kid's buried straight outta mcclatchy don't know if you know mcclatchy 'em with little see and then a capital c latch e l e t c h y mcclatchy they are a real news organization mcclatchy is real news to shame the the fake news covers it the way they do it's honestly it's really it's almost treasonous you wanna know the truth speaking of treasonous here's mcclatchy direct quote from mcclatchy quote buyers connected to russia or former soviet republics made eighty six all cash sales totaling nearly a hundred and nine million dollars with an m at ten trump branded properties in south florida and new york city according to a new analysis shared with mcclatchy many of them made purchases using shell companies designed to.

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