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Now. It's time for but your emails this week. Gem says i don't want to jinx it but we might be coming to the end of the pandemic. they're not many lessons have been learned. What message advice with the panel sent back in time to themselves in february twenty twenty when all. This was dancing if they could namie. I was really wouldn't come to me first. Because i hadn't really given enough thought. Probably go and spend loads of your family because you are not going to be able to see them without fearing that you're going to kill them for six months so definitely that vest in a big air conditioning unit. Because it's going to hit thirty six degrees for a few days straight in august. You haven't conditioned office current so yes so like that but Yes thankfully. I was incredibly privileged position where i was. I had room to work in a room to the one i have to watch. Tv and sleep in and things like that. So i don't wanna. I don't wanna complain too much about that little down i had. I had an amazing team who were great and wonderful as well say. I think my advice are just be around spending even more time with loved ones. Ross well buy shares in pfizer. Obviously more realistically Don't make assumptions. About what the state can and can't do. I really hacked off a listener. Who had a good go at me on twitter in pretty late february when i basically yeah some one of you are what was then maniacs. Asked me you know. Is there a chance that one day you know. We might have to lock down. I said oh no no no because it would just it would just kill the economy now. Because i had no inkling mode interesting that the state would agree to pay millions of people's wages forty definite period of that time. I had no idea that the state would be prepared to do that. In order to to ensure that lockdown was not to it was a failure of imagination. So you know so. Many things are unthinkable until they actually happened in. My case had no idea that the state could Decide that. I had to home school to basically enforce a massive lockdown. It was beyond my imagination in terms. So you don't need to wipe down the food. Did that for really. Don't get package our book. And i won't down everything. Those funny little whites eventually to us instead of toilet paper because taking take so. It's over and over wiping food. That was probably three four. Maybe up to six months of my life. I spent wiping down the transmission thing where you would swerve someone. Walking down the patriots. Have i eat. I would have. I would probably too busy. Houston information one. That will be vaccine much much sooner than everybody is saying to. This will still go on much longer. You think have now. What's crazy whenever i basically. I think it's really useful to. How would things be without a vaccine and they would be really really bad. The idea that. I remember to people just going. Yeah she probably be september twenty s wednesay without a vaccine ouseley madness understandable. Because nobody wanted to think more than like six months ahead but still just kind of like mind boggling. The sort of people thought that. And i think preparing for it to be a longer and then never adapting for longer setting tends to work. I was like this is just a very brief crisis where these really weird was. Obviously i would have made different plans. Had i known how long it would go on but that knowledge would have to be accompanied by by the way. There's going to be a vaccine because if someone said yeah it's going to go on for about a year and a half and there's to be no vaccine. I mean i don't know psychologically how i if you told me that this way we were still going to be. I just could not have done. The i couldn't think beyond weeks in terms of getting out of it would have the blow to my mental health to be too great. Yes listen not. The not knowing was was was quite useful was a really good question. Thank you jim. More like that. Please i am. That's the show. My thanks to ross. Thank you in vermont. Name me thanks very much and the extra bit for patriot. Backers gang for podcasting gold and talking about the olympics. You'll hear a quick preview after a theme song deemed as a monster by corner shops and a thanks to our latest faculties from me. To emmy powell. Jonathan patients kozlov seven. Joseph kissed file and jonathan fact of greetings. And a big. Thank you from me to matt briggs..

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