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They think like I do that. Christian colleges are hugely important, especially in this culture you should be concerned. I'll explain next on breakpoint from the Colson center for Christian worldview. Here's John Stonestreet with breakpoint. A recent NPR web headline ran. Christian colleges are tangled in their own LGBT policies and more accurate headline would have been Christian colleges struggled to maintain their identity in the face of pressure from without him within the pressure from without as financial while there's some elite universities living off enormous endowments most schools, including almost every Christian college. I don't have endowments, they depend on government assistance to students through things like Pell grants and guaranteed student loans, which of course comes with strings attached to the string causing the most trouble for Christian colleges. These days title nine, which prohibits discrimination on the basis of sex in any education program receiving federal financial assistance. The original purpose of title man was to guarantee full participation for female students, but the Obama administration decided that title nine should cover sexual orientation and gender identity. So schools committed to historic Christian teaching on human sexuality, including the biological basis of sex immediately face losing access to the federal funds. That help keep them afloat while some schools opted out of federal assistance. Most habit and many couldn't, thankfully, the Trump administration's top education policy isn't integrate restrooms. And so it's backed off of this strange interpretation of title nine, but who knows what the next administration will do. It's an ominous prospect so many as was made obvious by their comments included in that NPR article have preemptively caved, then want to risk losing title, nine funding or risk running afoul of the students or faculty who champion LGBT ideology on their campuses. Even if their schools official belief is that human beings are created as gendered beings and that heterosexuality is God's design. In fact, it's just not clear to me at all what many Christian colleges are going to do in the face of this pressure, which only reveals the real pressure which is not from without, but from within, namely the lack of a coherent Biblically grounded sexual ethic. In so many churches in today take for example, how one. Student of a prominent historic Christian college described her journey of identifying as queer to NPR. When I realized she said that my faith wasn't necessarily about the church and wasn't even necessarily about the bible, but about my relationship with God and that God is all encompassing loving, I felt very free and that same feeling Centric sexual ethic or lack thereof was on display in another article. Recently in Christianity today on surrogacy, especially through the words of women who see surrogacy as quote their ministry in who no, it's okay because they feel at peace all too often. Some inter knowledge like this is used by Christians to dismiss physical realities, including the goodness of God's created designed for sex marriage, but that's not Christianity that's NAS decision. And if it's not corrected, it will undo Christian colleges which would be a tragic loss. Christian colleges uniquely provide a context that unites discipleship and learning not dimension. A real education were alternative viewpoints can be evaluated and actually debated at doesn't happen in most secular institutions today. But make no mistake of Christian colleges cave on sex and marriage. They'll lose what makes them more saving. And if they choose to remain faithful, they're going to need prayer, ingenuity, and our financial commitment to stay afloat. So thank God for the faithful institutions and the faithful leaders of Christian higher education there. Many of them may their tribe increase for breakpoint. I'm John Stonestreet. They are still time to sign up for the Colson center, special short-course, making sense of media with world magazine editor in chief Marvin Alaska, Dr. Ken boa and more come to breakpoint dot org for all the details. That's breakpoint dot org.

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