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The KFI twenty four hour newsroom. The Trump administration has been sued for allowing longline fishing off the California coast, Catherine killed off with the center for biological diversity says the practice is driven by greed. There are other more selective ways to catch swordfish how -fornia the appeal of these long lines is that they are sixty miles long. There are a thousand hooks. She says sea turtles and sea mammals, get caught on the lines and drown. The practice has been banned from the coast of California since two thousand four Wells Fargo is settling with the state, the Bank is going to pay at least three hundred eighty five million dollars to settle a lawsuit that claimed it signed up thousands of auto loan customers for costly car insurance without their consent. Twenty five thousand people had their rides. Repossessed. Another defendant, national general insurance agreed to pay seven and a half million dollars. The settlement still needs a judge's okay? Aaron bender KFI news three architecture firms have been selected to compete for the chance to redesign, liberated. Tar pits Lori Berenson with natural history. Museums of LA county says it's important to be selective because we know an important place. Not only is the only place like it in the world. But it is the only green face in, in that neighborhood of substance. It's a park field site. Atta museum. She says the concepts will be presented to the public over the summer and the winning firm will be selected by the end of the year. She also says the museum campus has only had a few changes since the museum was initially built in the late seventies, the trade war with China has created more buzz for beekeepers in southern California. Honey sales have been sweets as the US impose tariffs on China. That's really good for the be the Bill Lewis who runs bills bees and Sylmar tariffs could negatively impact the state's almond industry is honeybees have helped pollinate local crops, if they're a little strapped for cash, that means they're going to have a less money to pay a beekeeper pollinate. Their crop Lewis says it's still too early to tell how much tariffs will impact local goods, but he says, China will likely bypass restrictions by importing products through other countries like Vietnam until the US comes up with the deal. Monica Rix, KFI news, elected leaders in LA say they want to shut down homeless dumping from other cities councilman. Mike Bonin says the city attorney is looking into some options, we really want them to come back and wait for us, whether or not we have any standing to, to bring any action Bonin says cities, that border LA have been pushing homeless people across the city's boundaries. He says that's unfair to L as taxpayers are footing. The Bill for homeless shelters. There's a crash..

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