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In the upcoming two weeks abbey start us off by talking about are four trends and sharing are recommended readings. Thank you tim. Yes well as always. We've looked at all the articles that we flipped into our flipboard magazine over the past two weeks and the articles are it's not a very scientific approach because they're basically articles that are of interest to us. We think that they will be of interest to others in our field and what we discovered as always. We came up with four trending topics number. One is a common topic for. it's not. It's not a shock but it was a big one this past two weeks because there was a lot of reveals and announcements hardware and software amazon announced its new line of fire tablets for older kids which is an interesting a new product that they're putting out because as most people know the fire tablets for the kids are kid friendly but they're also sort of kid designed so that they look very very attractive too much younger kids. These are for older children who are There are a little sleeker designed their little more sophisticated looking there little less bumper car bumper. Every i think you may quote i love was gonna say you're going to see that headline somewhere. Don't most kids tablets. There may to sort of you know bumper at for good reason now There is also the the announcement of the new galaxy book pro and galaxy book pro three sixty which were well reviewed Increased popularity in cloud services at universities. This should really come as a surprise to anyone but it is important to note that the number of universities that are making the switch to cloud services there are news zoom features Some of which are really fun. There's one where you can put everybody participating in the meeting in the same backdrop which it's again just something interesting and fun to promote a group Sally it's there's a new google design and the big one from the past. Two weeks was apple's product announcements at introduced its product line for the upcoming year and so we saw a lot of apple related news and i think we flipped three different stories. That were just related to the apple. Release last year. However our recommended reading in this area is this powerful lesser known tech tools for teachers by michelle eden for edutopia. This is a interesting article. Tim you and i were talking about this before. We started recording that we weren't familiar with many of the products that were being listed by By michelle eden and again. I apologize if i'm mispronouncing anybody's name Any of our authors names but these were a really interesting list of lesser known tools. Just exactly what she says back but they they make some great ideas for adding to wants toolkit. Our second trend of the past two weeks is remote teaching and learning with emphasis on pandemic related. That's so that it pretty much..

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