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Company filed for chapter seven bankruptcy late yesterday. And it plans to sell all its assets, and Cheryl corley reports. There is perhaps no better example of Johnson publishing companies disappearing act then here on Chicago's Michigan avenue. I'm standing in front of the company's former headquarters once a luxurious monument to black business success and the first building in the city designed by a black architect. It's now an apartment building. Oh, Northwestern University journalism. Professor Charles Whitaker. Worked at Johnson publishing for a decade at ebony magazine says just Santa pass by the building and see leasing signs being monument that John Johnson built that was such a source of pride to black America to see that pass is, you know, put a lump in your throat the late John H Johnson and his wife Eunice founded Johnson publishing in the early nineteen forties to showcase the achievements of black Americans. The historic photos in coverage of the nineteen fifty five lynching of Chicago and imitate will help spark the country's civil rights. Movement. Lynn Norman, a former ebony managing editor says she grew up with the magazines like so many other African Americans. They were always on the coffee table at our home. It was used as a resource homework school. But also as a way to let me know going up in a small town in Tennessee that as a big one oh daddy circulation and at revenue for the flagship magazines plummeted though over the years and in twenty eleven Johnson publishing took a crucial step selling an equity stake to banker J P Morgan Chase. It's old ebony and jet to a pair of African American venture capitalist in two thousand sixteen and a few years ago, the company tried relaunching its fashion,.

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