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So when will your taste one down to the ball games over the final tonight the white Sox beat the Indians three and telling us to the Minnesota Twins. their first central division championship since two thousand and ten unions laws clinches the AL central for Minnesota Twins officially Clinton our eleventh division title in the divisional era Indians. stumbled eighty three with the loss to the white Sox of the twins when the central in the American League as for clinching in the National League. junior dera deals. I'm sure it right side and there's Vandenberg. going to the post season. it's. rumors with the nine to win over the red spot your garage W. T. M. J. brewers clinching a playoff spot for this. for consecutive seasons for the second time in franchise history. given a half behind the cardinals in the NL central we got a grand slam as part of a six run first inning in route to the wind that capture themselves a playoff spot. ESPN analyst Jessica Mendoza it's been crazy and I was one as soon as I saw the Christian all yeah I'm like army on the brewers are out for the postseason I was just as guilty you mentioned the record twelve into they've won sixteen of their last eighteen games as well they are as hot of team is any team as you will see why and what is picked up the pace it's been Ryan Braun and this was ten days ago this was the pivotal moment with the brewers were down to their last strike against the cardinals a grand slam so you'll have Ryan Braun who's basically disappeared from the national scene his name kinds. been brought up it's been all Christian theology a lot of people can't even name another player the please on the brewers and yet Ryan Braun he's been hitting three thirty three three home runs ten RBIs just last week he is picked up the pace and of course there's a lot of other guys but a Christian Yelich less team yes to have and be as hard as they are is is really impressed. Ryan Braun with that grand slam in the first inning is brewers come away with the victory cubs losing in Pittsburgh their eighth straight loss they missed the playoffs for the first time since twenty fourteen. cubs can also be without manager Joe Maddon twenty twenty eleven to the postseason in each of the last four years contract expires at the end of the season there's been speculation that he would not return if Chicago was to miss the postseason as for the Washington nationals they're in they've got a wild card spot once again deleted the nationally wild card as for their prognosis. would you guys be GI how confident are you told that your team will either be playing beyond the first week of old too but I okay so they can hit with anybody I represent when the house they can hit with anybody there plus one twenty Adam run differential which is second week starting pitchers really good shows are in Strasbourg in Corbin there are forty two and twenty each has at least two hundred thirty strike I says follow three starters can get you all the way through October October is a cancer right the bullpen is horrific the bullpen is in your rate of five point seven seven it is not next to worst it's the worst it's the worst in baseball so that is the terrifying part and what it leads to is the probability of a managerial and general manager decision that says which one you starters wants to be like John small to Madison Bumgarner okay and help us out. those three have to start they have to start gave a one of a may have to call back if you can. you gotta be Milwaukee if you have to use two of them you used to you know used to over you get you start is a good you should really get through Milwaukee to get them to walk it off with one starter what again what if it's a tie game in the seventh you got to put if you go to the ball but you got started old reliever for one inning you can count on your house one yes we got to do you want to go through the list yeah well let me go through the list of people whatever your age can not put your mini forwarding all right Rodney swell roles. yeah here let me just say that I think it's great that the national started with the start of nineteen thirty one or something like that and then they got to the playoffs I think that had a terrific season yep the base is the Bryce Harper take it like you can get out of it out il me when we'll need you know they have great out so and I told you last just over the wall roadways so so I think that they can and will beat Milwaukee maybe a room for that because I walking yeah but I you know it's hard to make the case against dot rolled through let's just say the Dodgers in cardinals the Dodgers and Braves it's not as you know the brain called the Braves own them in the last two Sir so you know. see what happened to baseball's post season you'll hear it all here on ESPN radio sports center all night ESPN radio talk for straight talk brought you by straight talk wireless. NFL Melvin Gordon coming back in is expected to report to the charges on Thursday not expected to play this weekend against the dolphins speaking of teams from Florida Jaguars quarterback Jalen Ramsey still wants out. he's been out with the flu this week he's been out with a bad back. now he's been out for the birth of his second child. ESPN's Adam Schefter it's just an interesting series of reasons that I'd be there how the Jaguars sort of processing this news the strange juxtaposition of all these facts together and again why did they just say today is go first pregnant while I was there a back injury that was introduced into the equation and it doesn't change the bottom line to the whole equation Scott Jacksonville doesn't want to trade him jail Ramsey wants to be traded and we've got to stare down going on between the two sides in between the flow in between the back aches in between him leaving the team to be with his pregnant girlfriend he showed up on the brakes truck right to camp and mean you there are many negotiations in life and often times a Brinks truck will solve any issues that did exist is it could be as simple as backing that really bring struck up to the door is that it erases issues sure I think that we always your sports it's always about the money right but in this particular case the sense I've gotten from various people is that it's not about the money okay the generators you really want to move on from Jacksonville wants to go elsewhere and of course at that point you'll be paid it will be about the money but I don't think the money and the lack of the contract extension is driving him mad in Jacksonville I think that's due to other factors like Tom Coughlin his feelings towards the organization and he just wanted to get a fresh start elsewhere. so that was the topic of conversation for most of the week and then again on Wednesday is the excuses continued to change him Jaguars coach Doug Marrone was asked about it the prognosis on Kaelin's fields back to that first my name plate waving a prognosis Lou was he can he can solve doctors good job clearing a C. was sick yeah good now no matter from the sickness yeah yeah and then we did the and when did the injury pop up. I don't know. I really don't know. raise gets tight you know I mean there's a set of back at tight it's normal is back of gun type before. I backside a couple guys back so tight you know a couple guys a hamstring the mean everyone gets. gets the stuff. Doug Marrone chatting with reporters prior to the announcement by the team that. he had left for the birth of his second child. earlier on ESPN radio oriented Simmons Myron Medcalf I may don't to start the week with these have a baby if that's the thing like we've gone from. only Wednesday I'd like you to start with that all day long you know you know make that with like he was saving that final reason right I mean I was is legit you want someone to be there with the the birth of their child but it's clear to me that he doesn't want to come back he doesn't want to play for Jacksonville he said that and you know at some point to me if you don't I understand not want to trade him me and I understand that you know this is a guy who's an important part of your team and what you hope to do your quarterbacks out yeah you've turned to a back up lot of questions they are back I was playing well you want a game and your right in the mix right coming up on the first quarter of the season in that division. through three games right like you know everybody put down the the crazy flakes unless everybody relax a little bit through three games but yeah he's played better than people anticipated but Ramsey's a superstar guy who's going to get a big money deal from somebody next year but he's clearly making sending the message I don't wanna play with Jacksonville and then here's the thing in you bring them back if he gets hurt he wrote his trade value right here he affects kinda you know what you gonna do with him then something bad happens I think Jacksonville has to make a move I think you have to move him because it's clear that he doesn't intend to come back Doug Maroney stables interesting about Ramsey leave the team that for the birth of his second child at the end the statement he says he'll return when he's ready I haven't heard that he had I don't know if you've ever seen that with the player a star player special and now you got from bacteria back to now Hey baby baby although the level right get it but. to me this is one where it's it's not about the team it's not even about that run a coach in my opinion even after that blow up on the sideline to me this is about John Ramsey wanted to get paid John Ramsey wants his long term financial security which I completely understand but this is all about the front office on Tom Coughlin and not the jags outgained jailing Ramsey wants to be out there but he is so fed up with the front office that he's gone yeah bacteria back now baby and I don't know. I would be surprised if he's not out there we with his teammates this weekend. but this is one where I do also don't believe that a less Tom Coughlin gets two first rounders released a first and a third for John Ramsey the dealer and is not going anywhere with her dog morale what he had to say during the afternoon when he met with reporters and then Wednesday evening released a statement that said in part quote months ago in the off season Jaylen notified me he was expecting the birth of his second child in late September we spoke about this recently it again today after practice and decided it was best for jailed flooded Nashville after meetings to be with his family during the birth of their daughter he will return to the team when he's ready and we will provide an update at that time..

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