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Good remember. Like a real pop. Music bear on air horn son. Where'd you find this aid. Us asking for a soundboard. I'm not sure. I trust you with that dope. Afraid you're gonna turn into fung flexing me doing a fucking bomb in between every night and you say something like this ministry. It's going to be like abby hard all the host of the show on my podcast. I should have the sand. Borbon your pike as you said the sound. Everybody had their own. Don't wanna touch it here. Boss doesn't know. I think we should have whoever's manning the cameras and all that should. They should be playing hockey jokes. Ship like whacko all. We're gonna talk about that way. Google union has. Ooh michael grow after. We did the podcast rome last wednesday. I shows guys like a level super member. State bro overpriced. Probably won't ever buy it ever on my own but it was good. What was better than the restaurants bro. I never take like that in a restaurant. He's just do it just puts on. Jason is put salt on here but it was like some good as bromley. I've had this share restaurant so many. Tom hailed tastes. Like danny i get it from my walmart. Costco costco like oh. These nick is gone crazy. You never even been in cusco. Says it just hit the pizza fire. Yeah i i don't think i've ever really been cosco. That's like a certain tier of humanity of only just like never making a pass the pizza. Nah i never even had the food. They're just fucking god. I don't think i ever been little rolls role over that that makes us for house. Goes house phone like to go to costco. You have to be like thinking about like you have to responsible. You have to think about the future spanish. Does you need to have a whole to buy a fucking eighty. Pacman is not not thinking about his needs next year so you grocery shopping period now like amazon fresh type in be trader joe's for show cause why. Hose in lululemon sweats. But not for next in there. what's it all about. It's like it's like a. It's like a poor target on between the soup kitchen in a grocery store. But can you get like actual orioles or do they have orioles orioles bootleg to overseas by your wrestling. Like i thank. God i smoke. Worry would make orios actually have a. We'd brand coming into horrible advertisement or we'd because you just end up catatonic pass on the couch. Descend my endeavors..

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