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The car and driving over there you're not watching it on tv you're not listening to it on the radio i think they've been bad partners and i understand that they got screwed but i think they've mishandled the last two days and i wish they would have done it differently i agree john the last thing i'll say to that is when i was on campus yesterday we wanted to get students and obey the way this is spring break week at usc knowing there so there may be there may be like ten people in the stance tonight yeah you could probably pay a buck and and get a ticket all right kurt take you my friend are always good to talk to you talk to you soon bye all right mason in ireland i'm john ireland been lines is information evan turner story we know it is okay we'll get into that he's about about heckling with a fan and saying that he's earned every penny of a seventy million dollar contract everything i've done i've earned my contract that's my bread i earned my bread so i don't know if i can say this on the radio dead serious right that i earned that expert of money well here's the thing i'm never i never criticize a player for how much money you makes you are what you can negotiate all right you all dang makes eighteen million dollars a year it's not as fault the lakers don't play them turner's ranked four lows welding supposed to do turn the contract downs earners ranked four hundred and forty second out of five hundred players in real plus minus doesn't matter portland offered him the money and he took it you can't criticize evan turner for a deal the blazers offered him if you're a professional athlete unit go it the best deal you can you think some of these deals hin being handed out in the nfl today i don't think kirk cousins is were twenty eight million dollars a year i don't think he's worth.

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