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Impacted so many individuals and i feel for them but it makes it that our police farm half be better train are swat you know um team is ready on the go we have more different provisions that are doing a lot more within the community and i'm proud of our police department and ending the mayor of speaking of mayor allan fung you urb europe overseeing many different departments including the police in the fire you're going to have personalities you're going to have disagreements do you have a temper i give frustrated just like every other renowned are and that's one of the things there you know we all live within just basically grow from adding get i can get mad when some you know comes out that you know totally uh angers me when the pats where you know throwing the ball instead of running the clock out yeah absolutely um you know so sitting there warrior you do bill but in bill we trust so the bottom line is this i carry with me are who i am in learning grow from every single day from the decisions that i may take a look at a deep dive what i do right what i do wrong learn from it and move on and try not to make the same mistake because when you're dealing with a unions and you're dealing with listen i you've got to have some kind of a big personality in a runoff police department or a fire department and then you get the clashes behind the scene you know a lot of people said about lincoln chafee he wasn't the same person that you saw in front of the media he was very different he was very controlled and he was pretty tough behind the scenes um and so if you know i'm not saying you know anybody's any different i think we if if there were cameras rolling all the time you know we see you you always smiling you're always upi your then you know you got a kind of.

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