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The damage done to the sport in ninety four took for how long. Somewhat, say it it. Never really recovered. Others would point to cal ripken's chase of Lou Gehrig's record in what that did galvanize kind of fans of baseball, then eventually, what mcgwire and Sosa Chase of Roger Marris eventually did, and then it was, the curtain pulled back, and we learned that that was all a fraud a fake, but Remember Ninety Four. They cancelled a world series. In Ninety five when the reds made the playoffs, those games didn't even sell out, and I will say do on blue in the face that this city took the strike of ninety four and the cancellation of the world series more personally than any baseball town in the country. I would be willing to bet if you put the numbers up pre strike, average, attendance, post-strike average attendance, and a couple of years before, and then a couple years after that would bear pretty close to being true in terms of the number of people. Even now that's what twenty six years later who will tell me I have not gone back to a baseball game since the nineteen ninety-four strike. Now. There were certainly hurt feelings around the game here this town. They weren't hurt feelings. It was a sense of betrayal and a big screw. You. You're going to do that. I'm doing this I'll see you well. Check that I won't see 'cause I'm leaving. And you didn't come back. That's what I tell both sides. Understand this opportunity presented and yet. As, Bob, Nightingale said what was the line everyone take a deep breath. exhale slowly in chill. There is going to be baseball and I know it 'cause I. Hear you tell me. It bugs somewhat when I say that. I truly believe they're going to play baseball, so I'm not going to kick and scream and yell and call names until somebody shows me. They're not playing baseball, and if they don't play baseball I will join you in kicking and screaming, and perhaps even calling names to both sides. But to this point, maybe it's only because I've been there done that and had to do radio back in ninety four when there was no baseball season. I understand it's. It's negotiations and that's why I refer to it as the sausage and the old cliche. Nobody knew nobody wants to see the sausage. This is part of the process. It's not fun. It's not comfortable. It doesn't appear to be productive from where we sit. But I. Just I don't why so many people have told me in the last week to two I'm done I say done. Why because these guys can't and I keep saying? They're still on track to play when they said they were going to play. That's what I don't get about the rising level of angst. What they're talking about is a necessity at this point. Now they've got to get it figured out because as the caller said before the bottom of the hour, the clock is ticking, but it's not as though they have veered off course inner venturing somewhere on a on a path to nowhere they said eighty two games, and they said honor around July the fourth. Nobody right now has said nobody has said. We're going to be able to play eighty two games or not going to be able to play on or around July the fourth. The players were puzzle. It's believed is going to be to play more games to play upwards of one, hundred or one hundred and ten games. So don't sweat the small stuff. Let's go back to the phones about buddy. Go here and then there and over here, but you are on seven hundred WWL W. You I say right now. I guess a message out baseball right now. America want you. Desperate for sports, I'M AFRAID ESPN is going to sign the British. I can't. Do Anything. They could leave the news cycle. They play it right for two straight. Every night because we are so desperate. Guy Giving the singer. DETENTE NASCAR. That! I. mean we are desperate. Don't blow your. Yes. He strikes. I WILL BE I. That that's an excellent, that's all I need a buck. Thank you all right. We've rallied now back to back calls I'm making caller a in color. Be One and two of the night. That's what I'm looking for. What is the message would need to to stress to them to say guys. Look listen. Just hear me out for a second now at the same time. Let me drop this in I'm reading The New York Post Today Joel Sherman, Headline Major League Baseball Risk Losing Coal Trout and others if it wins. This from Joel Sherman. What of Major League Baseball owners. Get what they want. And then a group of players don't show up. That would be turning victory to defeat quickly for the owners. And Joe Sherman went on to point out that it has already understood that a group of players and coaches and managers with pre existing conditions might opt out over health concerns. John Lester Anthony Rizzo. The cubs are cancer survivors brandon. Morrow type one diabetes. Joe Sherman talk with multiple agents, a half dozen agents in recent days, who said they expect most players to return due to love of baseball sense of responsibility to their careers teammates, perhaps even being shamed into participating in the bad look, but the agents also say they would not be surprised if some players decide not to play. One agent told The New York Post I would actually be more surprised if we did not get a few. WHO Sat out? Three different here won the super rich players. Two players who were do the most money Garrett Cole Mike, Trout both have lied do with their first child thought by some agent's A. They've made enough money in their career. Already wives pregnant with the first kids. Concerns on multiple levels. Maybe they say we'll sit out, but we'll just. We'll see and twenty twenty one. To the players with contracts for multiple years. In, which twenty twenty is a low year on their contract meeting? You'll get a three year deal and a lot of teams will space out. The payments say it's thirty million and it'll go. Six. Ten fourteen million by year six. Is that up at two thirty, okay, six, ten, fourteen, million, some look, and say you know what I twenty twenty year, my contracts, not that big, the bigger years, or on the back end with all that's going on in the risk of injury and everything else and I'm not happy with the deal. I'm not coming back this year and the third part free agents who feel they could do more harm than good to their case. Guys like mookie Betts and TJ Jt Muto in in Trevor Bauer who become free agents at the end of the year. Maybe look and say well wait a minute. I'm in the final year of my contract Do I come back for only half a season. Do I risk poor performance? Do I risk an injury? Do I put myself kind of behind the eight ball by not having a good year with all? That's going on right now. Maybe I just. Don't come back in twenty twenty and hit free agency in the off season, three scenarios laid out by the New York, post, and then there Scott Boras today the agent we heard the back and forth yesterday Trevor Bauer basically told him to get the hell out of their business in a tweet and yet Scott Boras, said today to his clients in a memo obtained by the Associated Press do not bail out the owners. All part of the backdrop. So. What would you tell them? Five, one, three, seven, four, nine, seven, thousand, one,.

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