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And don't make any Rask decisions. Your a ten and those are your Tuesday morning odors. There you go. Thank you guys. Let's roll into the news Gandhi. What's going on as we speak? Well, we're going to start with some good news. The IRS is going to send out tax refunds despite the government shutdown. That's now in its eighteenth day in the past the IRS accepted tax returns, but didn't send out refunds until after the government was funded again people were worried, but you will get your tax refunds President Trump will be on TV tonight making his case for border security. The address will begin at nine pm eastern time and focus on what he calls a humanitarian and national security crisis. Democrats are asking for equal televised time, Clemson blew out Alabama last night winning a national championship game and becoming the best team in college football. This is Clemson second national title in three seasons, and they were not supposed to win. So a lot of people are very apparently there's a hottie on the team to that. We're supposed to be watching out for. Yeah. Lawrence Taylor Lawrence. Is that is that I think towards tutors plan. No, no, no, no, no. What's his name is a quarterback Lawrence? I can't remember his last name. He's a quarterback. So he's the hot freshman quarterback. All right. Many people are actually celebrating today after Tennessee. Governor Bill has limbs decision to grant convicted killer Sohn Toya Brown clemency. She was just sixteen years old when convicted and sentenced to life in prison for killing her alleged rapist, a lot of celebrities have been going about for her and the governor gave her clemency. And if you're a space freak NASA says its newest planet hunting telescope just found three new worlds relatively close to earth. The most recent is a planet around the star around a star about fifty three light years away. It's three times the size of earth. The year is thirty six days, and the temperature is a balmy three hundred degree. Let's go. Trevor Laurence tribe. Thank you. Thank you. Okay. He's ati. There's always that one thing. We can't remember like me. I'm watching the show on on Showtime escaped from banana Ramat. Remember the name what the name of the play the escape from Mara. Is it down Amora Alcatraz? For some reason it's data more kit. Remember the word, Dan Amora? There's there's something in my head. There's some way I'm wired that will not allow me to say escaped from. But I don't know. I will know from now on we're going to find a way to remind myself how to say so Dan, Danny, Dan, Dan, Danna banana see it goes back to banana. By the way. It's fantastic. Have you seen escape from? My husband said, it was amazing. I didn't watch it. It is whatever it is. It's fabulous ready for your Tuesday. Follow pelvis on Twitter at Elvis Duran. This is Elvis Duran in the morning show. Crazy work hours can make it hard to get a good night's rest. If you're like me and have looked for a sleep aid. That doesn't make you groggy..

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