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But you know naturally when you're being interviewed by someone and it's an article where everyone's telling their story. It's different than for from my perspective what happened. which is that in other words? By the time I got the kid rock. Then that was that but the question that you're asking how did you get your kid. Yeah right right how kid rock yet to me however right around okay. So I was at a club in New York City and I can't remember the name of it but I was with a client of mine named Jamie Houston Jamie later. Went on to become a big writer for Disney. He wrote two or three of the top songs in high the school musical. Wow Yeah yeah if you look his name you'll see that. And and at the time he was signed to Warner Chapel music and he was an up and coming writer producer and he had a production company and he was looking to sign artists to the production company so so he and his girlfriend and my wife. Nancy and I went out one night. And we're at this club and we see this woman performing on stage and we're like Oh my God. This woman's amazing you know Jamie said would you go up to her with me and you know I wanNA sign or to the production company so I say sure so. After the biggest show we approached the woman I said. Hi I'm Tommy. This Jamie and the woman was carig regard. Who is one of the most successful songwriters? Now was a judge on American idol. Oh yeah wow right. So she turned to me and says well. If you if you want to do anything with me you have to talk to my publisher and she hands me a card of her publisher now. The publisher was a guy named Bryan Brinckerhoff. And and so he had heard some things about me from my friends in Nashville. One friend is to take your job braves and so when I called Brian Brian Up. He said hey you know I heard really good things about you from John and You Know Cara is is not you know. You can't do a production and deal with her. She's already on her way. And you know but I just got a call from a manager named Steve Hutton. And and he has an artist named Kid Rock and kid rock is looking for an attorney. He's had two or three attorneys and things haven't worked out for whatever no reasons and would you be interested in talking to this guy and he said you know he's he's a personality. That was the word he said he's personality. Alex and you sound like the kind of a guy that could do a good job representing him. 'cause representing him as like part of it would would be you know helping the manager and you know really integrating into the team so I said sure. Why not You know I was getting a referral from publisher so so naturally I would be interested. And then I called Steve Houghton and we spoke and we hit it off and then he said I'm going to have bob call you and then Bob up. Call me on a Saturday. When spoke for about a half hour and he said hey man I really did where you're coming from and you know I wanna work with you and then I think about two? She were three weeks later. I flew to Detroit and Saturday afternoon. Don't remember much of what happened after the. Yeah that's probably a good thing And then and then we just kept going from there you know. We started the shopping process assets and got to deal with Jason Flom Lava Atlantic records. Wow and then from there you know everything just started to catch on and become dot com. What legendary is today? Wow how how long after you met him. Did you go see him. Live perform live I because see there was. Yeah there was the way I remember. It probably was a month or two because the anr person Andy Indycar was gonNA was already sorted into this and he was flying into see Bob and so Carpet I flew in together. I first to see the first show and then after that show. That's when we went back and convince Jason Flom to fly in and then Jason flew in To the State Theater and then after that you know it wasn't much longer maybe two weeks and the deal is done. What what was it about with him? That made you WanNa work with him. Will there was a buzz on him. Right so bob bit already done a lot of the work himself. I mean he was selling out clubs he was selling out. I remember. I'll never forget. I sat down with Jason Flom. And he said You know this Guy Kid rock selling on our state theater. I've got matchbox twenty two million records. And you know we're we're almost like not selling out as well as he can right and and they're inaccurate. You know two million records so the body created a lot of the The buzzing the excitement on his own so that was a case where I was just again connecting the dots right. You look at all the people who are involved in all the people who are interested in it right Of course I recognized what he was doing. You know there was a little bit of a discrepancy because at the time but now is it just been dropped Telling me you know a white guy doing hip hop and you know and I was like. WHOA WHOA WHOA wait a minute? This guy is not doing hip hop okay. If you go to see his live show it's rock and roll is rock and roll can be doesn't have a DJ name. Dogu Cracker onstage spinning records. Yeah does he have a lot of the robot. Oh the you know. Some of the apart. Hip Hop artists have yes but in its essence. This was a rock and roll show Why and it's interesting that as he's progressed later in his year that that's that's where the show leans means more towards country rock right that that John wrote music right so from that point on? Punish you're going on your career. How did you end up meeting Frankie Jason Turner and let's I want to get into Zen bowl dot sure? Sure sure. Sure Frankie well. All roads lead to Brian though. Yeah Ryan had called me because he wanted me to meet with Mark Farner from grand funk railroad because mark had some contractual issues with the record company that he had dealt with years ago so and then. Brian said to me as as Brian would right. Oh yeah and I have this song writer. I want you the knee. And he's worked with us at Harmony Park from you know the time he was a kid him so on and so forth and I said sure so I I met with mark and when that meeting was over. Brian was still at Harmony Park. I went downstairs and we had lunch. And Frankie I was introduced to Frankie and and You know I had heard some of the stuff that Frankie had done with gentlemen mutineers and but I really really liked the music that he had done. But I just fell in love with Frankie as a person and so then okay so from there it you know we we just started talking and we really got to know each other really well and I said you know. I'm not really looking in this instance. I was GonNa do something with you. I don't just want to do it as a lawyer. I'd WanNa do it. As a partnership and form a company would with former partner from company in a production company and he was into that and so. That's then you know we moved forward with John bulldog entertainment which is our production and Publishing Company. Tell how did the Zen bulldog how did that name come about that was Frankie's idea And and you know I was saying to him one day a I get. I get spastic with certain things. We actually with a lot of things in my corporate guy on the phone. It's like well. What what's the name of his company I'm like I don't know Frank Frank? He's like the most steady personality I've ever known in my life and it's almost like she manages me and so I hi call him up on freaking out. I'm like hey we need. We need a name. I don't know I don't know what name you know. Think of a name and you know. And so we when Frankie and I met what what I feel like we really bonded on besides the fact that I thought his music was great. And you know you talked again about values and principles right. I felt like we come from the same place even though he grew up somewhere. Far from me Besides the music and everything what we really bonded. aww We started talking about medication so thank he was doing some meditation and I said well. That's really interesting. I've been meditating for thirty thirty years. Oh okay got Taichi right and then I started telling on 'em about all the books I've read this subject And you know he was like Kinda surprised as most people are right And so he came up with the idea of Zen bulldog entertainment. You know I think there's it's a parent who is presented. WHO's the I really loved? It ain't yeah. It's a great story at my name. So what's your favorite book drew My favorite book well on in that area the Yoga Sutras of baton. Julie which are like the you know the Sanskrit tax of Yoga But I read a lot of Lot of things on Buddhism uh-huh eastern religion. Oh Wow I read a lot of books on religion. That's interested in martial arts. Yeah no I didn't I didn't know that. Yeah no no I do. I'm really You know I'm I'm keeping into it but I'm not fanatical but I'm very knowledgeable about it Yeah I I did. You have mentioned that we've had talks talks about that kind of stuff and it's my sister. I was saying you know she's I was talking to you. Know you really need to get into doing just a little bit of Yoga a little bit. Because I'm not that kind of person I said. If Tommy Valentino. There's no there's no type of person that can do this and then she started doing it. So yeah there's there's a lot of value to it and you want to necessarily think that that I would do it but it also also helps in business a lot Because it keeps you balanced and keeps you focused and it teaches you to live in the moment so that You know if I'm not crying when my favorite artist is debut in her movie at I say that it helps with that center of gravity. Yeah Yeah yes. That's that's just being present is an in the moment. That's what that is. And so you know. Frankie was aware that that I had this then side right and and so I think that had a lot to do with you know it is well even know the reality is I say Frankie's more than most of the time uh-huh than I am And I'm bulldog most of the time but there's a lot of times when When we have conversations and I'd like to I think that Zen in you know saying to him? Here's what you need to do this that kind of thing. You go pardon whenever I'm sorry you're both equal parts. You know what I mean like I do feel like they're bulldog each one of you and there there's more of a presence of at different times both of you are are very much you you both are Xeni and the bulldog which I think for John I that works out very well. Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah No. It's it's I think it's it's a great combination and again if you were to ask me. What inspired inspired this partnership It was the fact that when we started talking it was about meditation. Wow that's interesting you know. That makes a Lotta Sense. Now that I think of Because obviously with the whole center of gravity we were very excited for Raqi but we were also also very excited for Frankie because I do feel like he he really has been grinding it for so long and now it sorta or to make sense with the whole zen being present in the moment. That's probably what has helped you guys day in it so long because because it's it can be very discouraging this industry and you know it seems like a lot of people just can't stick with it to get through it. Well here's the interesting thing about that. Our attitude is always been. We're going to keep doing this no matter what right right because when you genuinely like someone why would you not want to talk to them. Every day.

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