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I said there, right? Then. Let me let me you did. I it's all good his third golden glove winner and on Rockies team that made the playoffs. So good for him. Pretty good season. All around. Actually, there was another rocky player, and you already said him kind of spoiled ready who was the third base Nolan and auto again all in Aaron auto is sixth goals glory. And that shortstop a lot of people thought, it was gonna be Brandon Crawford. He was the favorite. But it's not it's Nick a'made. Okay. From the Divac. Yes. His first Golden Globe. Because coffered has won multiple. That's why people thought he was gonna be the favor yet again. And he's so playing high little all due respect to Crawford. But amid takes it in Tenterfield another Braves player ender. NCR with the third his third golden glove winner another brace player brace at a pretty good season. And again, another Braves player who is the right fielder, my friend. I'll let you say the last one, Nick, Marcus. Yes, he is third golden gloves. So that's one too. That is re for the Braves. What about Corey Dickerson? I don't know if you mentioned him pirates fielder. He. Doesn't it doesn't see on here for some reason pirates fielder? Okay. Come on you list? You. That's Corey Dickerson won his first one raises to him and the pirates not have a good season. So it's great for him. So Corey Dickerson I'd say pretty unlikely a name that hasn't been in recognition been a nominated name before. Inciarte not surprised pretty Freeman though. He he's been playing really well Aaron auto, obviously, not surprised Grinky. Not surprised probably the best fielder in the game. I can arguably say he's pretty good. You can put on my third base. Best third baseman, feeling wise. I want to say, I don't know if you agree with this or not. But I feel like no one Aaron autos the most underrated baseball player in the league. Well, he's on a team in the wrong. So I think that just goes with the territory when people talk about who's the best player in baseball like trout and Harper come up quickly for good reason. I it's more of a hitting. It's when you look at the best you always look at hitting for not a hits the ball to you know, he doesn't make his he's on is. I don't I don't know how that can work. How you could be less flashy, but he's super defensive plays. I mean, you see him on the PIN all the time with the snags that he makes the hot corner. So it's just weird degree. Player. No doubt about it. He just leaves me. He's just on a low budget team low fan based team that doesn't really look at the Rockies a lot. And he just doesn't get the respect he deserves. Unfortunately. Yeah. But he's still a great player. No question about it. Do you think he should be? MVP candidate. In the National League. I think yellow had just an amazing season a candidate. Sure. But I mean, yell and he's been on. I mean the Marlins really just destroyed their team. He he he was they had basically Stanton. Yeah. Performing well this year. Yeah. So I don't know what they were doing it looks like they were sabotaging the team mainly. Yeah. Their new full rebuild. So. Yeah. I am interested. It was interesting to see those two as on their Chapman and Olsen. I mean, they had incredible seasons, especially Chapman. But no one really saw that coming if somebody even the biggest as fan pro would have never said. Oh, yeah. We're gonna have a goal third baseman and first baseman this year. But positives this year basically credible season for for the unexpectedly. Good season for them. Yes. Absolutely. That's all about the golden gloves. We're gonna take a short break yet. Again, when we give we'll take a, but other news in the Nash major base. Major league baseball league of associations of America. Right back right after this..

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