Mark Penn, Hillary Clinton, Joe Biden discussed on Chris Plante


Mark penn mark penn is a democrat political operative upholster who has done very very well for himself in life financially working for i bill clinton and then hillary clinton as a pollster and political guru of sorts and i've met mark penn i don't know i've met his wife his wife has friends and people that i know and but we're not old pals or anything he's a lifelong democrat and therefore blah blah blah but he was on last night on the on the television on the fox news channel talking about komen he wrote this piece that i was reading from in the hill yesterday where he really gave them both barrels gave crummy both barrels just like joe biden recommended and talking about james comey and his his escapades as my mother used to say i think his statements in his interviews are quite mystifying i think he has to defend against people from the hillary campaign saying he sabotage that from the trump campaign he sabotage that and he just believes he had the uber's to make these decisions on the basis of politics polls his own standing remember hillary would presumably have been his his incoming boss and i find now he is completely blown the credibility of the fbi in this book that he has issued to make millions of dollars here not just in the public interest it's really quite shocking that's a lifelong democrat a clinton i know the clinton people are angry with komi too but he didn't write this piece yesterday from a clinton perspective he.

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