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Starts February Twenty Eighth Twenty twenty two thousand twenty lear so February has a twenty nine day. We don't tair posts on that day because as you know leap day is the sports once quadrennial laundry day it gets messy anyhow frigate week season three February twenty eight Elizabeth will be there to Okay so there's a lot of history for Bonnie and Clyde and Dan I mean we usually only talk about one person so there's at least double bad right. 'cause there's two people right plus like a whole gang there is the Barrow Gang. Yeah or I refer to them as the Bonnie and Clyde gang because I don't really like to refer to it doesn't feel right to call Clyde Barrow I dunno makes makes him cooler. No I don't know what it is. It's just sex feeling that's a feeling for me okay so as always. I'm going to do my best but this inasmuch chronological logical order as I possibly can stories that I've read about them They don't put it in chronological order so it makes it really difficult. I I like to actually know step by step by step. No previewing for you know definitely not only not so Because Clyde is is older. We're going to start with all right. I know everybody's here for for Bonnie. I mean that's people love buying. That's true they did so clydes full. Name was Clyde champion Barrow Champion. That's a nice middle name. Come up later is it okay He was born born on March. Twenty fourth nineteen o nine. So what I thought would be interesting is to have rebecca read their characteristics of their Zodiac. Sign sure so march twenty four th means aries. Okay so look this up on the COSMO. UK website. They just did Some stuff last year and I liked the way they do it because they kind of do like the good and the bad so aries So this group likes winning getting attention and being on top which kinda sounds like Clyde Barrows Yup and then some adjectives Courageous and it says read reckless definitely reckless. Yeah competitive read insecure okay. Honest read tactless driven read a pressurized generous read. Overbearing and energetic read exhausting. Wow Oh wow so a lot of those really ring true for for good old. Clyde I think so He was born into what was considered a very poor family. In Ellis County Texas Texas which is South East of Dallas. He was the fifth of seven children. So there's a lot of children's family in the nineteen twenties. His family moved to Dallas. Actually they were pushed out But you know moving to Dallas. Sounds like the family was doing a little bit better with money. But in fact just the opposite they moved to the slums or the projects of West Allis. They were so poor that you're supposed to say how poor they were so poor that when they moved they lived under their wagon until they could save enough money money to buy a tent. A tent was moving up. Yeah that was a step up. That was their dreams. Yeah so Clyde was first arrested in nineteen twenty six at age the seventeen because he ran from the police when they came to talk to him about rental car that he brought Backley. You know I don't really think about title rental cars in Nineteen Twenty six but less people owned cars than they do today. So you'd rent a car. Yeah I mean I just send Mike Imagining you know like like Hertz or something or national enterprise so then he got arrested with his brother brother Buck Buck is gonNA come up a lot in this for possession. Yeah but possession of stolen Turkeys. Oh Okay you always think of drugs but no it was possession of stolen Turkeys. This was a pattern that he continued. he was also cracking safes robbing stores wars and stealing cars. Okay he just did everything bad just to make a buck now that brings us to Bonnie. Bonnie Elizabeth is a bit Parker. Her Zodiac sign is libra. She was born on October first. Nineteen ten. Yeah so libra Z- I thought this was interesting. Adding Liberals and air signed whereas aries is a fire sign So libra air signs are cool calculating cerebral and charming r-maine. I thought that charming was very appropriate for her They possess a natural surface cleverness swift. Humor that make them fantastic company company so descriptive words diplomat a diplomatic read shape shifter. She you're going to talk about her but she was amazing getting herself out of things Great Listener read gossip. Queen Fairness read entitled Idealist List. Read indecisive and loves beautiful. Things read shallow which I'm going to be honest from what I've heard about. Bonnie is like perfect Ber- Bert Yeah and then The hot tip that they had in their the hot tip for hot woohoo for libra. Yes is aries. He's perfect for each other areas. Challenges amuses stimulates libra and can keep up on the romance and Passion Front. Wow Oh so. It's kind of perfect. So Bonnie was born in Rowena Texas. She was the middle of three children. Her a father died when she was four years old. Her mother packed up the family and move them back to their parents home in Dallas in a suburb named cement city because it was an industrial neighborhood. Slant city does not sound like a great place to live definitely. Not when I was this close to where Clyde was living a May was Dallas. I guess it was Dallas so it wasn't really. I didn't look it up on a map but I would imagine. It wasn't that far in her second year of Highschool Bonnie met Roy Thornton they dropped out of school and were married on September. Twenty Fifth Nine Thousand Nine Hundred Twenty six. This is not where I thought this story was going. I didn't yeah no that she was married prior. Yeah now if you do the math. They got married six days before her sixteenth birthday You know Bonnie definitely was that kind of person that would fall in love and drop everything for that person. Yup so Roy. It was frequently absent from their marriage though and he got into a lot of trouble with the law so their marriage was short lived in fact their paths never ever crossed again after they split in January of nineteen twenty nine. Did they stay married. They did stay married okay. They never they never got officially divorced but they never saw each other chat okay Bonnie returned to live with her mother she became a waitress Beatrice in Dallas and one of her regulars was a man by the name of Ted Hinton Remember that name okay. So Bonnie did did have a diary when she was eighteen and she wrote of her loneliness her impatience with life in Dallas and her love of taking pictures so she she definitely was in artistic soul to absolutely now. We're GONNA talk about when Bonnie met Clyde. ooh So there's a couple of accounts of when binding met Clyde This is the most credible though. It is sad that they met on January Fifth Nineteen nineteen thirty at a home of one of Clyde's friends by the name of Clarence Clay at one. Oh Five Herbert Street. In West Dallas Clyde was twenty and Bonnie was nineteen. Bonnie was out of work at that time and she was living with a friend of hers because her friend had broken in her arm not broke. Bonnie's arm she broke her own. Our own get clarification. Yeah Clyde stopped by the girl's house while Bonnie was in the kitchen kitchen making hot chocolate I again these times. I don't think of people making hot chocolate thing Both of them were immediately smitten with each other. They spend a lot of time together during the next few weeks. See this is. This is the Valentine's Day story that I wanted wanted yet. They were very much in love. I mean there are many things that you hear about their story that you're GonNa talk about as far as what's true and not true but one thing that has always very true. You is how much they were in love and passionate towards each other for sure but unfortunately their romance was interrupted because Clyde was arrested convicted of auto theft grand theft auto I yeah. He played grand theft auto. Drinking hot chocolate right guard. Clyde was sent to Eastern Prison Farm Eastern prison farm in April nineteen thirty. He escaped the prison using a weapon that Bonnie had smuggled into him so already. They're breaking the law together but he was recaptured. Shortly after and sent sent back to prison now I have to say when it comes to Clyde Clyde Seems kind of a little. It'll slow to me. I don't know that's just my my impression of him. Well I think Bonnie was definitely the smarter of the two but I don't know that either serve them were all team. They.

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