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Do you think that the open sharing of information improves, the creative experience of writers and Farid would strict rules stifle at expression almost all my workers. Available that way, I've had publishers who vetoed it for a couple of books. So just to be clear. It's almost everything available that way, I think that there will never be a time that we can imagine in which acquiring information without paying for it. If you choose. Not too will be harder than it is today. Right. There will never be a time in which hard drives are less Kapatid's or or more expensive than they are now than ever be a time in which networks are slower or in which searches worse. There will never be a time in which fewer oh AP's have been retrained their local library to type movie Namespace bittorrent into Google if they choose not to watch a movie, and so in that world every payment for creative work is ultimately voluntary payment. Anyone who really doesn't wanna pay doesn't have to and the likelihood of being caught in any kind of enforcement mechanism is so close to euros makes no damn? So there's almost no rational expectation of having any kind of consequence visited on you. If you choose not to pay. And so in that world, you need to find a way to convince people to pay and one of the ways that we tried to do it as coercion. Right. We try to scare people. We make the consequences of taking material without paying extremely dire. Peter Mandelson famously cooked up this idea where he would get to be the Lord high executioner of the internet in Britain. And if you were accused of three acts of copyright infringement without proof you and everyone who.

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