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Was funny because when he first started the bit and he started to talk about how the neighborhood changed I knew the exact wording was going to say that but it was gentrification yeah so the whole idea was that Mister Rogers lived in Mister Robinson live in a pretty rough neighborhood well now you know in the twenty teens those neighborhoods of all been gentrified and they're all rebuilt and all the wrench now are you know several hundred down you know a surge of several thousand dollars a month in these is the dell apple late dilapidated homes are now you know re renovated and going for high prices and Mister Robinson is still living in the neighborhood and and yeah and that there's a great visual pay off you can go online and and look at the whole bit that it would really play on the radio but it's certainly worth checking out the whole skit there after that we take a quick break well I want to talk more about this because you did a great a little you know skip with bring Buck week back and remember all yeah we did buckwheat he used to saying and buckwheat was one of the characters from the little rascals and that's why I was asking Tom if you knew buckwheat was because I don't know how much the little rascals have really transcended time even though it was a movie in the nineties and that's when I yeah that that had the little rascals but that goes but our little rascals were buckwheat goes back goes way back into the twenties and thirties with Spanky and alfalfa and all those old black and white you know our gang comedies so we'll talk about that a whole bunch more the pop culture club at the Kayla but right now take a quick break no switching.

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