Lifelock discussed on Rush Limbaugh


Computers being hostage for ransom ware payment. But more foreign based attacks that are meant to disrupt businesses and government infrastructure like the online attack a couple of weeks ago with a group of newspapers suddenly couldn't print their daily editions which. No big loss there. But it was for them. Now, your online identity is as much at risk today as it ever was. And there's no putting the genie back in the bottle. Don't care what anybody tells you. There just isn't cyber thieves continue to refine their ways to obtain your data without putting themselves at great risk. It's a silent crime. And it's invisible. You do not know when your credit card, your personal data has been stolen. You don't know. Right. Then it takes some time in the case of a database being hacked at. You're a member of could be months, your credit card could be the end of the month of the billing cycle. But even then their ways the thieves have around that there's a one thing that you can do that will keep you out of trouble and alerted to the risk of trouble. And that's lifelock get and maintain a lifelock membership lifelock can uncover threats that you will miss on your own because that's all they do. They look for aberrations in your online behavior. Look for spikes things that are not you. They can inform you that you may have been hacked and then immediately step in to try to shut it down. Stop it and restore. Are you? There isn't anybody else that does what they do anywhere near as well as they do it. Now, no one can prevent.

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