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Time for sports here at WCBS. So let's talk about the Mets. Right now. They're trying to go for a serious win over the Phillies, trying to take three at afford Citi Field. They got rookie David Peterson on the mound, and right now the Phillies have rocked him in the first inning. The Phillies lead three Nothing. It is top of the second, the Phillies are behind former Met Zack Wheeler. Struggling Yankees begin a key three games Siri's with the division rival Bluejays. That's tonight in Buffalo and the Islanders play Game one of the Eastern Conference finals against Tampa Bay Lightning. That's a eight o'clock start. The NHL's bubble in Edmonton Day eight of the U. S Open round of 16 is underway. The Tokyo Olympics will take place in 2021 with or without cove. It According to the International Olympic Committee Vice president John Coates, he proclaimed in an interview with French media. Coates, who leads the IOC's coordination Commission for the Tokyo game, said the 2020 Olympics were originally supposed to be known as Thie Reconstruction games. Referring to Japan's overcoming a major earthquake and tsunami in 2011. All Puerto Rican MLB players will be allowed to wear Roberto Clemente toes. I'm sorry. Roberto Clemente A's number 21 during the commemoration of the 19th annual Roberto Clemente Day on Wednesday. September 9th. All players will have the option to wear a patch with the number 21. It's 1 43. Hi. It's Jamie Progresses. Employee of the month, two months in a row. Leave a message at the Hi Jamie hit me, Jamie. I just had a new idea for.

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