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Field test you could lose your driver's license kcp ss curtis kemp says the effort is aimed at minors who smoke pot and get behind the wheel south may state senator jerry hill says the new laws allowing the recreational use of pot are behind his proposal the right message to our young people read driving under the influence of antidrug including marijuana at any time is unacceptable risky and it's dangerous hill says his bill targets drivers under21 and he understands there is currently no fieldtest that could determine if someone is impaired by pot kovalev is develop we have to rely on the officers training and when they go in and they monitor they watch they will get your eyes they will look at your mannerisms and officers in the field can't suspended driver's license leaving the alleged violator to find his own way hole in san francisco kurdist him kcbs just ahead on kpcc ass i'm gentle lane the kinds of water restrictions californians lived with during the drought could become permanent rules kcbs news time 507 it is chilly out there we check the roads now tim wunderlich it is indeed just canada like a carbon copy of yesterday but we are looking at the euchina ice well it wasn't at our house i had thirty seven degrees this morning that was in san in selma it was thirty six yesterday's those basically the same but it didn't ice over and it was very dry zero in in oakland to forty two degrees right at some point it doesn't really matter rice it just kind of bloody cold okay we're looking at the altar pass right now holly it's a thirty minute drive time that's fairly typical getting out of tracy on west 205 to get to the top of the hill on west 580 at north flynn no stalls are accidents in your way there one traffic problem spot is over on the peninsula and this report is.

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