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Radio station. It's 40 degrees and 10 o'clock. Good morning. I'm Paul into Castro, New York City, a senior concerning spike in covert cases, The first wave of vaccines are coming slower than anticipated about 340,000 doses of the vaccine had been delivered to the city, but only 88,000 have been administered. In the meantime, the covert positivity rate continues to spike with 49 ZIP codes now sitting above 10% by Mayor Bill de Blasio says the goal of vaccinating one million people in New York City by the end of the month is within reach, and the mayor says the pace of vaccine delivery will pick up the president is losing yet another election court case brought by Republicans It was an effort from Texas Congressman Louie Gohmert and some Arizona Republicans to try and have Vice President Mike Pence ignore electoral votes next week, the judge ruled legal action didn't have enough standing to sue. The decision comes just days before Congress meets to certify Joe Biden's win on Wednesday. Pants pushed back against the lawsuit before the ruling. I'm at Madison, New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy is allowing youth indoor sports to resume starting today. James Flipping has the tails was back on December 5th when Murphy paused, youth indoor sports, specifically citing hockey. As a concern come this weekend, things can get going again. But the 10% cap on indoor gatherings remains in place. Must more people are needed for a game or practice. We feel confident we could move forward by continuing to deal with any outbreaks or other issues on an individual case basis. Still, no interstate games or tournaments allowed other than at the collegiate or pro level. James for been w O R NEWS. AH, home in San Francisco, belonging to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was vandalized early Friday morning with an apparent reference to lawmakers failed efforts to provide Americans with $2000 Coben 19 relief checks. The graffiti was found on the garage door. Pelosi's home with the phrases to Kay, cancel rent, and we want everything. As of early Friday afternoon, the garage door was covered with black garbage bags. The Vandals also left fake blood and what appears to be a pig head outside the House speaker's San Francisco home. No word if Pelosi was home while the vandalism was taking place in sports, we've got Rutgers basketball today on W O R the number 14 Scarlet Knights are home for 10th Rate. Iowa Tip off at two o'clock..

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