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And cause nbc news to stop broadcasting the fcc is the entity that determines licensing and it is an independent agency the head of the sec is appointed by trump but the fcc does not do the president's bidding these are an entirely uncharted waters nixon did try to use the fcc license as a weapon against the press nixon encouraged supporters of his to bring challenges against a couple of tv stations that were owned by newsweek and the washington post at that time those challenges were unsuccessful but they highlight a route by which trump's tweet could actually have some substantive real affect david the gonna give you a little peek behind the otms curtain i saw these tweets and went nuts on the grounds of despotism unconstitutionality unamerican this and so forth others in our editorial meeting said bob we can't just take the bait on every outlandish trump tweet wait till the actually does something but if we pull back to the bigger picture you do see disturbing anti first amendment things actually happening around the country can give you some examples the instance where the congressional candidate in montana now congressman greg gianforte bodyslammed the reporter that was shocking on so many levels for anyone to attack reporter for simply doing his job is deeply disturbing but for an elected representative ray at that time a candidate to do so was really breathtaking of course trump didn't order greg gianforte to do that but he has said things time and again that attempts to undermine the press is credibility and in means the very purpose of the press which is to ascertain the truth in other example is the reporter arrested in the west virginia capital for two aggressively questioning health and human services secretary tom price the reporter was aggressive he asked questions in the way the reporters do when they're not getting an answer and he was arrested for that.

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