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Your CBS sports radio watch NFL sleeper team Hey what's going on J. R. now you go on the show broke thank you I'm so roughly give me give me a sleeper simplistic about our what I consistently had the man so I'm a big bangles fan you know I think if you look at the players like Jack on the back last year we got hit with a lot of injuries a first round draft pick left tackle them play games AJ green guard her freak accident practice didn't play games so you add our what they did in the offseason very uncharacteristic weakness but a lot of money got some good guys in the prompt return from Texas Longfellow couple cornerbacks phone Minnesota this is Yvonne backers yes he is the he is the is the question you have I know he has a lot of offensive weapons but with a different off season with a virtual offseason you have that much confidence in Joe burrow well actually I mean Hey Joe brown had the best season ever seen from a college player now with Carly on and then this year yeah I mean I'm forty you know I never seen anybody play well not that I've seen all of college football but I mean so you could say he's probably one of the best prospects ever not like you know captain or or put more you know like literally doing could be one of the best prospects ever to play quarterback committed in the photo yes now you so it and you also you can look at how many games the Bengals lost by like seven points last year yeah they were two or fourteen but they lost like seventy games by like us now all right I don't wanna I don't wanna talk about it two one fourteen team in in Kano woulda coulda shoulda them I understand how much how much talent that they do have but then at the same time at outside of this being as active a second year this being Joe burrows first season and then in the AFC north I mean we can pretty much annoying of the Baltimore ravens to be in a fight so go ahead and and and be at the top it's tricky the Steelers I I you know I don't I don't think they're going to be you know world changes but they do have been Roethlisberger coming back and then you have the Browns who are going to be you know fighting for their lives so I'd say if anything Cincinnati is gonna have a tough time going in the AFC north that's even in a whole division yeah no doubt I mean I think we might want to talk of divisions and only football army if you look at the ravens and you know Pittsburgh I'm not a big I think the defense is a little on you know one slope in big been you know who who knows he's gonna be Cleveland they got a head coach so I mean it's so let's I think eight eight seven nine with the new playoff format who knows man you know I mean that's that's on the the optimist side you know I'm just in a bottom level six in ten years so well let's let's see what the Bengals do let I mean Kurt Warner has some high praise for a job or we're going to talk about that thank you Steve a call now from Atlanta we got Shane from Pittsburgh I kind of think I have an idea what she's gonna say speaking of the AFC north Shane are you go on with the the Pittsburgh Steelers to surprise folks this year I'm sorry what was the question I said are you going for the Steelers to surprise folks this season yeah I can definitely say that still with like for members of our out of office of wine on the Pro Bowl I still think we still have a shot to make it to the odd championship round okay what's your confidence level in Mister Roethlisberger arm I think he's ready to come back I think you know he had enough playing golf you know I feel like he's out of town watch Tom and invading go he probably said you know I mean with that you know I'm still he still feels like he's in his prime I still want to see it happen okay thirty eight years all we're going to see Shane appreciate you for calling up let's go straight to New Jersey and talk to Adam Adam your CBS sports radio the general support re show going ahead Hey what's up I wanted to to the jets that'll surprise him wow look at that Joe Douglas's first all season he upgraded the offense of line your you get a you know a big hall he got the the card back in with the eleventh pick your upgraded Donald weapons he got Dembele ma'am who was considered a first round talent you got Broussard Perim in free agency will blow up in the last five games last year he still has games and Crowder a very solid slot receiver and getting back his arms tight ends and two thousand eighteen is considered one of like he was a one of the top rookie tight ends in getting him back he missed all of last season with an injury and then you look at the defense they had one of the best run defenses in the NFL last year and they were missing two of their top linebacker coming at one point they were playing with my fifth and sixth ring linebackers so they're getting mostly in Williamson back mmhm and they upgraded the corner room and if you look at the gate I mean he got a lot of heat for being a terrible coach you look at the office of line he's had in the past five years Chicago when you look at how we had the twenty third ranked offense of line Miami in two thousand sixteen twenty second my new two thousand seventeen twenty nine two thousand eighteen thirty first now the jets thirty first I'm at the line so I just wanted to see him with a good offensive line which I think that was provided and I want to see him go do some work with that okay Adam how long have you been in New York jets fan Adam I've been a jets fan for about since I was since I was born all right well I don't know how long that is but I I hope for your sake this year everything you said comes to fruition because you know the jets have a tendency when it's supposed to have a good year to generally crashed and burned so I hope this year is the opposite okay Donald you're three I'm going to get I hope I hope he has the the the weapons to do it thank you Adam for Colin not from New Jersey I know you add macabre back then but you know just things just don't ever seem to work out for the jets I hope that that they can at least kick some squads around this year you know AFC east is open but I will go ahead and and and look at the bills I mean come on you guys who the hell knows what happens with bill ballot check we have no idea I have no idea what the hell yeah Brian Hoyer instead of let's go to Vancouver Canada way out west let's talk to Tony Tony your CBS sports radio give me a team what you're almost the odds and we know they're always in the mix but I got a brand new we go another year of the media ramming the greatest do nothing the team in the past twenty years down our throats and Dallas Cowboys desktop into wine and football her best running back in football now they got land he's a nice Randy moss according to the media so watch out but they're not the only problem with the cowboys is they don't have G. C. Garrett up all in the fall back on when they fall under bases so that means you know that's why I got my trump card maybe with our discount isn't as good as the media makes it out to me what yeah what we'll Tonia I would venture to say I have no idea what the general media says I gonna pay attention to what the hell I say and I like I like what the offense has right now I sure as hell don't think CeeDee lamb is the next rainy Morehouse said that's only not all nurses are not students will go now to the best yeah I don't have anybody that's it was a normal box that the point is is the argument here no great the Dallas Cowboys are okay Tony I hear you it's only local call me back in a few months unless the item cowboys is doing okay thank you no doubt that thank you Tony's met only doesn't like the Dallas Cowboys match I never heard anybody say a CD lamb is going to be the next Randy moss I haven't heard that one Mike in buffalo all going ahead your CBS sports radio give me a team that you think is going to surprise some people well calling from buffalo you know where I might talk about I don't we had a guy from Atlanta say Cincinnati I mean you're gonna tell me the bills yeah I think I don't care it is not really a surprise the Buffalo Bills a surprise I mean they went to the playoffs at a young teen young quarterback wouldn't it be the natural progression for them to go ahead and make that next step like you said a couple weeks ago with domain and McDermott they've done a great job there so I think there might be a Nancy this and I hope Josh Allen is a little less wild I hope he is and all I wish Brady was in what do you mean one because I thought we had a really good chance to beat the market last year you know I want to Tampa Bay but will be be happy that he's going man that's gonna open things up if any it's something it's not okay well it's not let's bring our it's eleven times in a row well he beat everybody a million times in a row he basically only AFC east so be happy that he's in a different division in a different state further down the coast okay might yeah I have everything watch out for the bills this year I think it's gonna be scary okay our love the show always listen thank you so much Johnston Michael enough from buffalo let's go to D. Troy's fill up Philip what you got for me yeah my man how are you doing about it I'm great what's going on undergoes a you know like if you look at bill check when he first got to like where everything Cleveland you now pay for it I'm hoping my boy for treasure cleared on all this junk if you look at exactly what John Slade is gone all the people that spoke out of that I guess this is Missy everybody in the Hague OPS way yeah everybody hates them but I how do you feel about Matt Stafford is is is is back on a hold up ma'am I'm on Oprah prayer man we have won nothing in it so long so yeah I got a I'm putting all my hope and he cleared out all the garbage that he doesn't want there and I'm just hoping that everyone bodies and then we went something common to be Frank no staffers not never been a winner but it's just I have to open the system ma'am because okay god knows before don't want to believe in a winning team and I'm just hoping management well thank you Phil from Detroit I mean Phil he doesn't sound like he believes the lines are sleeper he feels that the lines he's hoping for some wins every time of the lines I just hope for decent game want things given that's me let's go to David in Baltimore David your CBS sports radio what's what seems a sleeper Hey how you doing there I think that there should be a great sleeper yeah hi teddy Bridgewater I think you know he's a good quarterback I would say that even before he ran off five games on the saints and are you know Robby Anderson and really take the top off the defense Derek brown I think will be a beast in Allentown well that's that's very that's very optimistic thank you for calling up from Baltimore yeah I mean you got a new head coach new quarterback Christian McCaffrey new contract is a whole lot of new in Carolina I don't know if I take them in to be a sleeper especially in a division that their plan and then seats south is is going to be top saints falcons Buccaneers Panthers that ain't gonna be easy okay you're listening to the J. R. sport preacher right here with you on C. B. S. sports radio we're gonna continue this conversation and and take your calls I think we have a few more people who want to hop on the line you know what.

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