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Hoboken woman has admitted she was involved in a voter bribery scheme in two thousand thirteen Lozada commerce and others promised voters fifty bucks for casting mail in ballots for Hoboken city council candidates slate and for a major to weaken rent control law. She now faces up to five years in prison. Two days after the election. More votes are trickling in and narrowing the margins of victory for Florida's Senate race and the governor's race. And that could mean to recounts, I'm Peter King and Orlando Republican Rick Scott has claimed victory in the Senate race, but is very slight margin. Over Democrat Bill Nelson would still trigger an automatic recount that margin has to be half a percent or less to do that. And it was well below that as early afternoon and the governor's race democrat Andrew gillum has already conceded a Republican Rhonda Santa's, but disad is his victory margin is shrinking toward that threshold as well. No official word on any recount would come until Saturday on official results are due in the Saturday at noon. Peter King CBS news Orlando and there are some new developments today in these still undecided. Georgia governors election. I'm Jim crystalline Atlanta. Brian Kemp has resigned as Georgia's secretary of state there Republican continues to declare victory in his still unresolved governor's race with Democrats. Stacey abrams. Camp is dismissing questions about the election. The election integrity is beyond doubt in in the process, some twenty-five thousand absentee and provisional ballots. Still need to be counted. Abrahams says she needs just fifteen thousand of those to force a runoff. Jim Krasula, CBS news Atlanta for the jets. Sam is out. Josh is in the latest on the quarterback quandary next. Napa know.

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