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Police chief David cavern says two suspects editor the Bank armed wearing masks. And they got money then chief Keever and says the situation got violent the suspects had fired shots on their way out the door. One. Bullet did hit a teller thankfully was a small minor injury to her arm grazing injury only. She was treated and released from that suspects. Then apparently went to the motel six on watervliet avenue extension in Albany number of police converged on the scene. He burns says they have a number of suspects. They're talking to their reports robbers or a male may have had a female driver of the getaway. Car a trial date now set for the two Schenectady man accused of killing two women and two children in their basement apartment in Lansing Berg in December of two thousand seventeen thirty nine. James white and twenty five year old Justin man will go on trial starting on April. Twenty ninth brandy mel's and shadow Myers and eleven year old Jeremiah Myers and five year olds Giannis Myers were found the day after Christmas 2017, the victims were bound in their throats were caught white man also accused of stealing an XBox video game system and a flat screen television. Ruling from Troy judge the Rottweiler that attacked a seven year old boy in Lansing Berg on Valentine's Day, must be euthanized. The boy who was attacked by the dog and dragged on a sidewalk suffered serious injuries to his legs and feet. The dog named underdog got through a gate that was left. Open dog's owner must also pay a one hundred dollar fine coming.

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