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Fifteen in favor of the hawks. Inside the senators zone. Hawks get control yoke Har you along wrist shot from the right point knocked away with a pads from Anderson but clear down ice by pay Rb. He'll go get it himself along the left wing boards in the hawk zone. Put the puck defy the tyranny behind the hawk net, the CC along the right boards. He fires from their reward is down with a butterfly save the whole whistle in the face off circle was left. Mine changes for the Blackhawks it's going to be into break it into home. Seems to be pretty good at generating. We've seen some great chances. Their caves has the goal the break. It also has. Surprised how active the defense senators? Jumping-off breakdown. There is a great example. Jumped all the way down inside the hash marks along the boards. Got that shot in on Cam ward. But normally you see the Ottawa Senators defense not to act of other than Eric Carlson who was on his own Wiedeman now or the senators to the hawk line you'll dumping across into the nearest circle picked off by the Hawk's Eric carries behind the hawk net. Lose it over to you on Ruta back over Gustafsen. He'll stroke it down into the senators on a few feet, Colin white back to get it for Ottawa dropping the puck off Wiedeman then to ship out at center ice front of the benches. He banks it off the boards there down beside the hawk net. Cam ward Zabel, a tip it away way to the near boards. White for the Senator took it back to the slot. White got it back and fires and one of the hawks. I believe dominant. Cahoon gotta stick in there. Deflects that one up into the netting. This'll staffing play. Now. Eleven twenty four left in the second. No change in the score face off to the right of Campbell. Excellent. What they wanna do chasing pucks around position stronger. Pucks in their own end. Stick with China. Take a move their strip away for the Ottawa Senators. There's an eastern facing off against Duchenne niece wins the draw Kunitz from the left side boards hawk zone advances it through the air and it over the Senator line and he's grabbing the park, but it down the right wing boards for Seabrook to Kunitz behind the net. He feted in front picked off by the sense. Shot ahead up the far side Bilo Schwann down ice and behind the hawk net. Ward spins it, back around not out a shot from the right wing point. By the mellow was stopped.

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