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To at your home and now you know your neighbors can't see them you know so it's a good reason not first of all not to leave heavy shit in your backyard they can be thrown through a window that's a good tip in itself just to make sure things are secure and you know they can't use anything that's around your home to their advantage that's a good point to chop wood leave in a fucking so you know one of the things we had when we when i first moved in with my own accent fucking leave a pistol out fucking shotgun leaning up against the outside of yeah they're just something as simple as there was a palette of fucking bricks leftover that you know the manufacture the construction crew that built the house they left just something as simple as that like leaving that in your backyard like people throwing bricks through window or whatever so yeah not that's a good one the average burglary not only takes place during those hours that i mentioned but you're talking to max of like eight to twelve minutes they're actually in your house and they're going straight for the master bedroom that's just that's where the loot is that's where your valuables are that's where they're going so when it comes to actually securing the house on the inside we can kind of delve more into that but that's just something to be aware of when you're talking about the length of time that someone's actually probably realistically to be on your property so midday hours eight to twelve minutes yep that's good shit yeah so when it comes to exeter stuff obviously we talk about the gates and the fences and i would i would highly recommend investing in in a good so i struggle with this one on my own too but i either go back and forth between putting a like a good abilene padlock abilene a tremendous brand they're they're overseas brand but they are probably some of the best locks that you can get out ab l o y yeah so you can look for that brand they're not at home depot or lowe's or any shit like that so right yeah there's actually a good website called security snobs that sells them there i think they're the primary distributor for the us for those so yeah so the stuff that i'll talk about in terms of technology with walks are gonna come back to that ebola brand but so really on the fence i like to have combination locks that are just really good combination locks it can't be cut with a padlock and i have some that can't be shinned which we can talk about later actually shimmying appello but i like to do that because the combination allows me to still give it to people that that need to have it and i go through like a at least once a quarter i'll change the combo in no matter if i've only given to one person that's still the only one coming there is just kind of a good habit to get into security wise to change combinations codes and things like that and passwords on the internet but paying the so that's kind of the first line offense second one of the fence is you know your front door which is probably going to be one of the.

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