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<Music> <SpeakerChange> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Music> <Speech_Music_Male> ooh! That <Speech_Male> was Julia <Speech_Music_Female> Carrie, Wong. <Speech_Female> We <Speech_Female> wanted to do this episode <Speech_Male> with her. <Speech_Female> Because <Speech_Female> the amazing <Speech_Female> piece, she wrote <Speech_Male> about what she <Speech_Music_Male> <Advertisement> has gone through. <Speech_Male> <Advertisement> Do look <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> up at the Guardian <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> Dot. com, <Speech_Female> it's title <Speech_Music_Female> is the hate facebook <Speech_Female> fosters <Speech_Female> destroys lives. <Speech_Female> Here's what <Speech_Female> it did to me. <Speech_Female> And while <Speech_Female> you're bad, do read <Speech_Female> all of her <Speech_Female> brilliant reporting <Speech_Female> on their stretching <Speech_Music_Female> back <Speech_Music_Female> years. <Speech_Music_Female> We went to facebook <Speech_Female> about this episode <Speech_Female> and a spokesperson <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> side. We are <Speech_Female> making progress keeping <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> activity off our <Speech_Music_Female> platform. <Speech_Female> We've found over two hundred <Speech_Female> and fifty white supremacist <Speech_Female> organizations <Speech_Female> and removed <Speech_Female> four point seven million <Speech_Female> pieces of content <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> to organize <Speech_Female> hate globally <Speech_Music_Female> in the first quarter <Speech_Female> of twenty twenty <Speech_Female> over ninety <Speech_Female> six percent of which <Speech_Female> we found before some <Speech_Music_Female> reported it. <Speech_Female> This is an increase <Speech_Female> from three months earlier <Speech_Male> when we removed one point, <Speech_Female> six million posts <Speech_Female> over eighty <Speech_Music_Female> nine percent of which <Speech_Music_Female> we found before someone <Speech_Music_Female> reported to us. <Speech_Female> We are committed <Speech_Music_Female> to keeping hate of <Speech_Music_Female> our platform. <Speech_Music_Female> FACEBOOK <Speech_Female> also said <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> that they remove any <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> content that celebrates <Speech_Female> defense <Speech_Female> or attempts <Speech_Female> to justify the Holocaust, <Speech_Female> or mocks <Speech_Female> Holocaust victims <Speech_Female> or accuses <Speech_Female> them of lying about <Speech_Female> the atrocities <Speech_Female> or hate against <Speech_Music_Female> Jewish people in <Speech_Female> any way. <Speech_Female> They said that <Speech_Female> they had commissioned an <Speech_Female> independent human <Speech_Music_Female> rights impact assessment <Speech_Female> into <Speech_Female> the role of their services <Speech_Female> in Myanmar <Speech_Music_Female> that have been published <Speech_Music_Female> <Advertisement> in two thousand <Speech_Music_Female> and eighteen. <Speech_Female> They said the progress <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> was being made <Speech_Female> across five key areas, <Speech_Female> including accountability, <Speech_Female> improving <Speech_Female> <Advertisement> enforcement <Speech_Female> of content <SpeakerChange> policies, <Speech_Music_Male> engagement, trust <Speech_Music_Female> and transparency. That <Speech_Female> set today. <Speech_Female> This episode was produced <Speech_Female> by Serena <Speech_Female> Boxing. <Speech_Female> Sound design <Speech_Female> was by Axel Kukuchi <Speech_Female> The <Speech_Female> executive producers <Speech_Female> on coal. Jackson <Speech_Music_Female> and Phil <Speech_Music_Female> may not. <SpeakerChange>

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